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My diary for a week.

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MY DIARY FOR A WEEK Thursday 14th September 2000 8.35 am. I arrive at the hall. I am the first member of staff to arrive so I unlock the cupboard and start getting the equipment we need for the morning out after looking at the daily planning sheet. I first put the tables and chairs out. Other members of staff now start to arrive and help to put the rest out. I then cover the big table with newspaper for our craft item of the morning. Our theme is the sea side. As this is my day today and I take the role of the leader I have chosen to do sun hats. ...read more.


I ask the children to sit on the mat. Then I make sure the outside door has been locked. I sit on a small chair in front of the children so I am at their eye level. I ask the children to be quiet as I am about to call their names. I say good morning to each child and most of them say it back. We then count the children together and find we have 15 in this morning. We then talk about what we are going to do today. The children now choose their activity. I go to the craft table and assist the children in their sticking. ...read more.


I remind them all to say thank you. I then go to a safe place at the big table to have my coffee. 11.0clock I ask if the children would like the bikes they all say yes so I get them out of the cupboard. I then choose the children that are sat quietly first to have a bike. I sit at the pony table and play with 2 children. 11.30 I put the bikes back into the cupboard and get the tape recorder out. I put the action song tape on and we all join in with the songs. 11.45 I give the bags out and let the parents in. I sit with the children until their mum or carer is in the hall. 12.0clock I lock the cupboard and check the toilets then go home.n ...read more.

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