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'My Dreams, My Clouds, Your World' - a short story

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'My Dreams, My Clouds, Your World' - a short story by Amir Saleem It's a long endless road. I don't know where is it taking me but I am running along with it. I am not running because I want to but because I have to. It's been a long run and I am worn out, still I have to run. His is New York. The city of high-rises, proud and loud, big and brash. I arrived here a few days ago, as an illegal immigrant. There was no legal way out, I am sorry for that. I desperately wanted to come here; I wanted my dreams to come true. I brought my dreams with me into another dream___ New York. It was my dream. After arriving here I had nowhere to go. I looked around in complete bemusement and concluded that I was a misfit here. But soon this notion died away as I looked up in the sky. The clouds___ yes. The clouds, they were the same as I left them in my country. They are same everywhere. That's why I was no foreigner to them, they were my clouds. So it was no problem now, wherever the clouds were, the place was mine. ...read more.


He vanished. When I turned around, I saw the same Interpol man looking at me, standing in the corner of the street. Before I could take my first step, he disappeared behind the wall and then I didn't take my first step. I just stood there. It wasn't good. They must have thought I have joined them. But they don't know it. They must be thinking I am one of them, they are thinking wrong. That's what happened to me all my life and now they. I must tell them I am not what they think I am. "Yo there, come out and talk to me, God damn you, I am standing here. You wanna know who I am, all right you come here and I tell you who I am. Come out if you have the heart to listen, I'll tell you how it feels to say no to money. You cowards, what you know how it feels to say no to your dreams. You don't have a dream, you lifeless creatures. And if you don't have one, then why you take them away from others. Tell me, I am standing here, you rats..." There was no one listening. Night has fallen. It never gets dark in night in New York. ...read more.


All right then, I am going to stop. I'll talk to them. I slow down. They turn into this street. I am about to stop when I hear a gun shot. It would have been nothing if I hadn't fallen down. They have shot me in my leg. I turn around and try to get up. They shoot again, this time on my chest near the heart. I fall down again. It is dark in New York. I can't see the clouds in the dark but I know they are up there looking at me. It seems they are shedding their tears on my pain. They don't have to cry for me. But I think they care about me, after all they are my clouds. Due to pain, tears come out of my eyes and so my dreams. They were since long in my heart. My heart kept them with love but it can't hold them any more because it is too hurt now. My heart cared about everyone, it just couldn't take care of itself. I am feeling like a total loser. I have nothing left with me but pain. I am leaving the clouds and all my dreams here. Before closing my eyes forever, I look down to my heart, it's my dreams; I look up in the sky, it's my clouds; and then I look around_____ it's your world. The End ...read more.

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