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My Grandparents.

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My Grandparents My grandparents are now well into their '70'. According to their ages we would call them 'elderly people'. The image of elderly people is that they are unglamorous, grumpy and old-fashioned. But my grandparents are different. My grandma has short, thin, gray hair. The silver hair forms a shiny texture, which changes in different lights. Grandma always keeps her hair neat. She wears her golden-rimmed glasses for reading and she has wrinkles that almost entirely cover her little cheeks when she smiles. She dresses to fit almost any occasion. She has a collection of clothes that are all similar in design, but different in colour. My granddad is a small man but he is still very energetic and vigorous. He has a soldier's spirit and consciousness. He always wears the same-styled and dark coloured clothes as if they are his uniform. My grandparents took me home when I was only eight days old and brought me up until I came here joining my parents when I was twelve years old. ...read more.


I was in trouble then. The teacher's face was filled with anger "Lily I told you not to disturb anyone when it's sleep time. Do you not understand me?" I realised what I had done and I was ashamed of myself. I had confessed my guilt and said "Sorry Mrs". Her face was softened by my confession, but still she decided to punish me. "I already told the class that if anyone was going to break my rule, then they have to stay behind, and let their parent come and collect them. So, Lily you have to stay behind after sleep time." At the end of sleep time I was still lying on the bed when everyone was getting up and going home. While waiting I was thinking how I was going to tell grandma what happened, surely she was not going to be pleased about the trouble. Every minute of waiting seemed so long and it was almost unbearable to me. ...read more.


Sometimes, when I was bored of playing the same music again and again, I would like to give up. Also when I felt pain in my fingers or even worse I couldn't feel them, I would like to give up. My granddad would be there to accompany me to give me encouragement I needed. His soldier's spirit affected me and touched my heart, by which I knew: every success will come from one percent talent and ninety nine percent hard work. Don't simply give up my aims, I should be brave to overcome any difficulties to achieving my goals. I believed that I would be successful if I really want something and make every effort for it, and the whole universe would help me too. Now, I have been living in the Western world for four years while my grandparents are living in the Eastern world where I was born, but I feel that their smiles, soft words, kindness, love and spirit are still with me and encourage me all the time especially when I am in difficulties. I have the greatest grandparents in the world! ...read more.

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