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My school experience at present is being undertaken in a junior school that is pleasantly situated within a quiet neighbourhood in Birmingham.

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My school experience at present is being undertaken in a junior school that is pleasantly situated within a quiet neighbourhood in Birmingham. Tall trees and grassy areas giving it a peaceful village atmosphere, which is reflected, in the school as a whole surround the school. The school building itself provides an excellent working environment for not only the children but also the members of staff. Within key stage two, there are approximately 240 pupils who are grouped according to age, with a two-form entry intake. My placement has brought to my attention issues that should be taken into account with regards to primary teaching. These issues concern the nature of the National Curriculum, and the way the school has implemented it into the classrooms. " The National Curriculum must be taught to pupils in all maintained schools or local authority schools as well as in grant maintained schools." ( Moon, 1996, p.3) The curriculum in schools is the planned course of study through which children learn hence the reason why teachers must pay particular attention to it. " To create an effective learning environment, the teacher must be skillful and know about and understand the National Curriculum." ...read more.


Care however, as Moon stated, is needed to ensure that the work given to children does not amount " to little more than copying books." My observations within the base class is completely the opposite, there is too much emphasis on drawing activities and not enough on developing writing, speaking and listening skills, it is very rare that the children are required to work from books. There has to be a balance between copying from a book and lessons that are artistic in nature. The establishment of a broad and balanced curriculum is just one example of the issues that need to be examined when undertaking teaching. As previously stated, the issues one would take into account when considering primary teaching are numerous. Issues that cause grave concerns are: provisions for pupils with special educational needs, promotion of equal opportunities, approaches to behaviour management just to name but a few. The issue I will discuss in further detail is that of the approaches to behaviour management. Over the past number of years, there have been constant concerns about the standards of behaviour within the country's schools, as well as school discipline. Disruptive behaviour and any other forms of misbehaviour are reported to be on the increase, with even complaints from the teachers themselves. ...read more.


This is usually expressed as, " Well done X, a smiley for you for waiting quietly and patiently," or " Well done X's table, you can go out onto the playground." This approach is also effective, because once the remainder of the class begins to hear praise and points are being distributed, they realise that in order for them to receive one they also need to be following the behaviour of those receiving them. The result of this approach as I have observed so many times, turns an unsettled class into a settled class ready to be given further instructions. In this situation, individual and group praise are used by the teacher for the building and maintaining of acceptable behaviour. The management of behaviour is not just limited to the classroom, but is applied to the whole school in general. My observations regarding the issue of behaviour has led me to the conclusion that the schools approach to its management is highly worthwhile. The assigning of rules, rewards, praise together with sanctioning all play an important role in approaches to behaviour management. In order to be a successful primary teacher, it is very important that I take into account the issues the course has raised and those stated earlier in this assignment, whether it be the impact of the National Curriculum on schools, and as discussed issues regarding behaviour management. ...read more.

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