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My week as a Teacher

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My week as a Teacher Firstly I should tell you that I am only covering my second week of work experience. I went to two different places and although the first place was far more exciting, I felt I might have a little more to write about my second placement. Teachers, What do they do? I often find myself asking this very question. My pre work answer would have been very much like yours. Not a lot. But actually, through genuine hard work I have found out the truth behind the veil of this career. Even after my very first day I was surprised to find myself slouching on the sofa and finding it hard to stop my eyes from drooping. Slowly as the week wore on I became more and more slovenly and fatigued due to a lack of energy. Believe me teaching six year olds is definitely not all its cracked up to be. ...read more.


Throughout the week I was given supervision jobs where I sat with a certain table and helped them with any problems. I worked mainly with the less intellectually gifted members of the class and I'm glad of that as I felt that if I had worked with some of the cleverer ones I might have got a little bored. I only did small jobs like helping out with spellings, which are not my strong point and lead to some embarrassing moments in the week. I also helped with some of the math problems. The children were counting in tens and hundreds, which to them seemed near impossible. At times I found it quite hard to understand the relative simplicity of the children, I can't ever remember being quite like that but I'm sure I was. There was also a huge difference in ability between some of the children. ...read more.


She also clung onto her principals like a war veteran. Although some of those principals were a little strange yet I am sure there was some method behind her madness. She wouldn't let pupils onto the grass purely because the summer term hadn't started even though the pasture was bone dry, this I thought was a little strange. Although she might have been like one of my old Spanish teachers who went on power surges, if only to prove she was still in charge. I went home on the last day of that week feeling absolutely deadbeat yet I also felt happy, not only that the week was over but also because the whole experience had been quite satisfying. I had grown quite accustomed to the routine of my work placement. I went to sleep that night feeling glad of my achievements throughout the week. .The End ...read more.

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