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My Work Experience at High Fernley Primary School

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My Work Experience at High Fernley Primary School For my work experience I received a placement at High Fernley Primary School. It is located in Wyke, Bradford and provides education for children aged three to eleven. I attended High Fernley primary school for two weeks; my work placement began on 27 September and ended on 9 October. Each day I arrived at 8.30am and normally finished at 3.10pm; sometimes I would work slightly longer in order to finish tasks. I did not attend a pre-placement visit as a result of a delay in confirmation of the placement. Nevertheless, I rang High Fernley as soon as I received confirmation and I spoke to the school administrator, Mrs. Julie Malinder. I introduced myself and thanked them for accepting my work placement. I asked important questions regarding dress code, arrival times and lunch arrangements. Before the placement I was excited because I was looking forward to it and I knew that I would like the school environment. However I was also nervous because I was going to be working in a different environment and I would be working in a different role as a teaching assistant not as a student. ...read more.


In addition I worked with the children on the computer helping them to use the mouse, for example, click, drag and move. Also making them draw pictures using the paint software and monitoring how well they did these tasks on the computer. I then collected the printouts and stored them in a folder so that there progress can be monitored. I enjoyed these tasks as they enabled me to get to know the children more whilst having fun. Also I help the children get ready for P.E. As well as this I did basic jobs around the classroom such as washing tables, cleaning up toys, making sure toilets had paper in, filling and emptying water tank, creating and putting up displays and setting the milk with straws and name tags so that they can drink their milk. Additionally I supervised the children on a school trip around Wyke where we looked at the different types of houses in order to help them with a project they were doing. I was in charge of a group of four children and I had to help them cross the roads and ensure that they were safe at all times. ...read more.


I also wanted to develop my communication skills by talking to adults and children and participating in class discussions. I improved my communication skills everyday as I was always talking to children and staff and I gave a lot of instructions and I learned how to communicate effectively with large groups of children. In the future I would like to keep on improving the above skills so that I would feel confident in any work situations. Overall I had an excellent, fun and memorable work experience. I enjoyed most aspects of this type of work and I learnt so much and I feel that I have become more knowledgeable and improved as a person. The only parts I did not enjoy was when I had nothing to do; I like to always be doing something that is productive and active. I do not know what career I would like to pursue in the future but I would like to be involved in an active job where I would not be bored. I would also like to do a job that involved music or sport. In addition I would like to be in a job where no day is exactly the same and where I can learn something new everyday. Camille Foncel 11Y ...read more.

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