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Original Writing coursework - letter

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Original Writing coursework 16 Potterne Wick, Potterne Devizes Wilts SN10 5QN 24/12/06 To Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, I am writing to you in concern of the rising levels of obesity developed in children and young adults in the UK. I would like to inform you of obesity in young people and related illnesses of unhealthy eating and what it can lead to in the future, and how we can solve this situation. To begin with, as you would already know obesity is caused by an unhealthy diet which is too rich in sugars and fats, and not taking enough exercise. In later life it could increase the risk of getting diabetes, gall bladder disease, high blood pressure and kidney stones and can put pressure on your bones in future as the body can't cope easily with extra weight. ...read more.


Thin stringy chips should be replaced by chunky chips cooked in sunflower oil. Large fat chips have less surface area by weight than stringy fries and therefore absorb less fat when they are cooked. If healthy school dinners are putting children off, packing a healthy lunchbox could solve the problem. Sandwiches should be full of protein e.g. chicken, egg, tuna or cheese, and salads which are a good source of vitamins. To get calcium in their diet, low fat yoghurts and cheese are ideal or even thirst clenching milkshakes or fruit smoothies. Children should try and get the right amount of fruit and veg - 5 a day. For young children, sliced fruit chunks are more appealing than the original appearance of it. Dried fruits such as apricots which are packed full of vitamins and minerals are ideal too. ...read more.


This prevents them from being less lazy and will help them to realise that going on the computer or games console isn't the best way of letting time pass by. There are many ways yourself and the Government can encourage children to be healthy. By displaying a lot more posters in schools, children will be more aware of what is right and wrong in their diet and leaflets should be produced and sent to parents so they have an idea of what foods are essential in their children's diet and how they could encourage them to keep fit. Schools should allow for more P.E clubs to be available for children and longer sessions so more practical time can be fitted into their daily routine. I am hoping to see progress in the future health of children in the UK. Yours sincerely, Amy Spencer. 0 ...read more.

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