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Original writing - The secret silence.

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GCSE English coursework - Original Writing 19/9/03 Title - The Secret Silence She walked alone in the night, the cold biting at her skin. The wind lashed her long black hair against her face, she didn't bother to push it out of the way, and it didn't matter. Her long cloak dragged at the ground, the thick black velvet material kept the freezing cold from overwhelming her. The wind whipped the front tails of her cloak at her black knee high boots. The crimson satin lining occasionally shimmered when it caught a glimpse of the moonlight. She walked along the dark cobblestone streets as she often did at this time. There was no one out this late, even the muggers and murderers were afraid to wander the streets at this hour. She had put soft rubber on the soles of her boots to quieten the noise they made when she walked. They now made a soft thud, which could not be heard over the sound of the rushing wind. She wandered in between the buildings, everything and nothing running through her mind. She crossed her arms tightly across her chest pulling her cloak closer to her as she let a single silent tear roll down her cheek. They did not know she wandered the streets in darkness every night. They all thought she was normal, but they had only seen her during the day and evening. They did not know of her walking after midnight, nor did he know of her cloak or boots, they thought she was just like them. ...read more.


Everything seemed that way lately. Her life had become a painful cycle of the same boring events, day after everlasting day. Her friends had begun to slowly detach themselves from her, and it made her question herself. She'd been gone for so long when she moved away, and her world felt wonderful when she had returned to her home, and the people she had taken advantage of before. They'd all seemed glad to see her, and she'd never felt so important. She fell back into her circle of friends and remembered all that she had walked away from. She was happy again, and that was good. One day, it was like the world had shifted suddenly and everything changed. People stopped talking to her. They no longer came by at all odd hours of the night bearing gifts and happy drug-induced smiles. Distancing them. Maybe they all finally came to the conclusion that they hadn't been missing much after all. People tend to romanticize things to a definite fault, and when they realize they've set themselves up for disappointment, they don't always realize that they themselves are not the only ones being affected by their great epiphany. They sometimes forget the person in the middle of it all, maybe even unintentionally, but without even thinking twice... She asked herself what she possibly could have done to turn them away so suddenly. Was it just her character in general? Were some mindless beings getting rushes of power by spreading dirty lies about her as their new form of narrow-minded offence? ...read more.


"Collapsing to my knees on brittle ground I gaze at my heart, particle of life, which has been gingerly laid out in front of me. This little particle has been detached from its soul. I cannot cry a single, infinite tear for it, as darkened hands and regrettable eyes are dragging it away from me, fearless minds of deception and disillusion. These pains I can only tolerate for so long, sombre and desolate my emotions become, numbing my reality I once viewed with a rhythmic beating of hope and faith. Now lost at the whim of that blackened essence, who mocks love and possibility. Questioning how I fell praying to their desire of awakening death, clumsily sown, all within a foggy version of my purpose. It is too late though, for mercy. One who lives in a dream will never face reality and consequently will be savaged out of all humanity joining the deceptive, reasoning of truth behind happiness of all faults. What must I now accomplish? Send me back out onto the front lines so I can take heed to my punishment. I feel alone now, as I always will. Too many questions left unanswered in my mind. I am just another blank face... blank stare... blank emotion...blank heart, and forever will be. " She knelt and ran her hands along the wall until she found the empty brick; she removed it and placed her secret behind it, then replaced it again into the wall with the others. She rolled over and sat, pulling her knees close to her body and hugged them to her chest. She bowed her head and wept... ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Developmental Psychology section.

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