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original writing

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Original writing This was the day that I had been looking forward to for almost the whole of the summer term. No more hard, schoolwork, with the typical, tiresome routine of school and waking up incredibly early. Instead today I would be taking a step in a new direction, having an experience at a real job. This job was incredibly exhilarating to me, meeting new people and experimenting with new ideas. I had a responsibility, although I couldn't help but be slightly bit anxious. What if I was useless at the job, what if people thought I was discourteous and ignorant, what if they just didn't like me? All these thoughts were going on inside my head. Waking up seemed no trouble at all, and I got myself ready and organised all set for the first day ahead. I just hoped I would like it; I had a further two weeks of it. As I got into the car, I began to feel more at ease, there was barely any traffic on the roads, the weather was calm and the sun was shining. The journey took merely a few minutes, but to me it would take a lifetime. By this time I had forgotten my uncertainties and was very excited to be here. Anything could be better than school. I waved goodbye to my dad who had kindly taken the time out of his own work to drive me to this place. ...read more.


She told me different jobs to do and introduced me to the staff there. As the days went on, each day I felt more and more confident. I felt pleased when I helped the children wash their hands, read them stories and helped them build railway tracks out of the wooden set that was always set out. It was the Wednesday of the last week and to celebrate there had been a bouncy castle organised along with a picnic and party games. I was very much excited about this day, I knew the children would love it and that would be the main thing. The afternoon of the party was due to start at midday, just after snack time. I had read all of the children a story and washed their hands, seated them at their small child size seats, the type you see at children's parties, so that they could wait for their snack. I've never seen so many children so excited about having a snack, It was like when animals are at a zoo, waiting to be fed, when they can see the zookeeper coming towards them. And the hustle and loud noises from the children was like the anticipation of crowds waiting for their favourite singers to come on stage. As soon as the children scoffed their snacks and gulped down their drink, we made our way to where the bouncy castle was outside. ...read more.


Had he stopped breathing? What if he would never be the same clever, ecstatic little boy that he was? Blood was pouring from one of his legs and his arm was in an awkward position as if he had fallen on it funny. At that point I knew he had had a nasty plunge. I dint know what to think, I had never experienced anything like this before, especially on such a ting delicate boy. I was shaking, all that was going on inside my head were negative things and this point in time I couldn't think of positive. "Call an Ambulance," shouted Marion who looked very disturbed. "Its Nathan, he's hurt" Nathan's mum came running to the scene, her face had turned as white as snow, obviously from the shock. "Its on its way" shouted one of the other leaders who had gone to call the ambulance. The ambulance turned up within a few minutes and Nathan was rushed off in it, the blue lights flashing, the siren going off, at this point all the children were just amazed at the ambulance. You could hear, "Look, look...ambulance" or "Nee noor.... Nee noor" from the children. I looked on in disbelief thinking how could that have happened within the half an hour of everyone enjoying themselves, then this terrible accident that Nathan had encountered. I just wished that he would be ok, that the broken arm and cut leg was the only thing that he had done. ...read more.

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