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Outline and evaluate one psychological therapy for schizophrenia (12) + outline how the learning approach would explain the maintenance of gambling (4)

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a.) Outline and evaluate one psychological therapy for schizophrenia (12) Cognitive behavioural therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which negative thoughts of oneself, or triggers to the onset of their psychotic symptoms are identified so they can develop their own methods of coping with the disorder. Tarrier used strategies including distraction, concentrating on a specific task and positive self-talk, as well as relaxation techniques such as focusing on your breathing. The client is then given homework tasks to make sure the strategies are being practiced. This method was proved to be quite effective when Tarrier et al. ...read more.


The main aim of their therapy was to alleviate negative and irrational beliefs about oneself by challenging them. For example, the therapist would ask for evidence that supports a particular delusion and the client would be encouraged to come up with more plausible explanations. Many researchers such as Kupers et al. have studied this method and it has been found to be effective, as it significantly reduces the severity of delusional symptoms. However, this method has been further improved by the Integrated Psychology Therapy (IPT). This method aims to identify the specific cognitive deficits and to remedy them. ...read more.


Operant conditioning shows that through intermittent reinforcement, gambling behaviour can be maintained. This is because the behaviour is reinforced by an occasional reward, which makes the gambler want to keep going due to the possibility of being rewarded again. This, therefore, supports the operant conditioning explanation that intermittent reinforcement can maintain gambling behaviour. Social learning can also be applied here, as your behaviour is more likely to be maintained if it is approved by others. If they get support for their behaviour, they will be less likely to continue it. Furthermore, if the persons? role model is also a gambler, they will be more likely to continue gambling themselves in order to be more like their role model. ...read more.

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