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Outline and evaluate two explanations for group display

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Outline and evaluate two explanations for group display- There is a widespread belief that people act differently when in groups compared to how they behave as individuals. For example people in groups may sometimes behave more antisocially but become more cooperative and selfless in the presence of other group members. Lynch mobs are a group of people, without legal authority, kill a person for some assumed offence. ...read more.


The power threat hypothesis by Blalock (1967) suggests that as minority group membership grows, majority group members will intensify their efforts to remain dominance. For example among the other reasons for Black lynching's are: 'trying to vote' and 'voting for the wrong party'. The fear of 'Negro' power meant that white mobs frequently turned lynch laws as a means of social control. ...read more.


This theory suggests what dehumanization was, but not why it was done. This method is highly unethical along with major other issues and would not be allowed in today's time. Glucklich (2001) claims that self-inflicted violence is not uncommon during rituals. This is demonstrated in Shia Muslim practice of self-flagellation during Ashura. Some Shia mean recreate the suffering of the martyrdom of Mohammed's grandson by hurting themselves with chains and knives. Extreme displays such as this contradict the principals of natural selection. Jyotsna Choudrie ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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