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Personal hygiene.

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Personal hygiene are practices that serve to promote and preserve ones own maintance of health, a child is unable to do this and it is necessary in a child's learning environment that he/she is aware of hygiene and their very own hygiene routines. A child must explore and understand these. They need to know why they need to wash their hands and why they have to have a wash and brush their teeth everyday. The Task My task is to promote personal hygiene in my placement setting, my placement is in a nursery and the age range is three to four year olds. My Aims and Objectives I aim to promote personal hygiene to all of the children in a fun way that they can relate to. Method I plan to make up a Hairy Hat Mans Hygiene bag (a letterland character). Within the bag will be a number of items that can be shown to the morning session at the nursery and then the afternoon session, I will make it a class discussion with the children and write down any comments that are made by any of them. ...read more.


Then I will teach them a song that I have produced: 'Wash Your Hands Song' Wischy washy wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. Wischy washy wash your hands, wash your hands. Put them in the sink, sink, put them in the sink use water and soap, Mix them together, together, mix them together and rinse the germs away. Wischy washy wash your hands now lets dry them. The children can then sing this song whilst they are producing their posters. The posters will have handprints all over them they can rub their hands together to make multi - coloured hand prints, these will then be placed above the sinks on a display board with the song placed all across it in bright encouraging colours. Evaluation In the morning before the children came in I set up the paper and paints for the posters, and also backed the display wall in an orange colour, as the paints for the handprints were blue and yellow. I placed my Hairyhat Mans Hygiene Bag in the bay, and welcomed them all in (along with the staff). ...read more.


I did the same thing again for the afternoon children and they found it just as exciting. The discussions went well and I felt that the children and gained a lot of knowledge about the discussed topic, the conversations that the children came out with were generally what they do at home concerning their hygiene. I found that this activity went really well in fact better than what I expected. I left the Hairyhat Mans Hygiene bag out so that the children could look at the items if they wanted to. Once all the hand-prints had been done myself and one of the staff members cut them all out and stapled them to the allocated display wall and I wrote out the 'Wash Your Hands' song on a poster and placed it in the middle, the children were thrilled to see their work and I feel that the display reminds and prompts them to wash their hands after they have used the toilet. Learning Outcomes for the Children The children gained a wide understanding of keeping clean and hygienic, they learnt literacy skills with the letterland letters and also numeric skills with the counting. They explored using their senses and learned creative skills (their hand print pictures) and social skills (our discussion and song). ...read more.

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