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PETER PAN As the wind whistles round the buildings that tower the small streets of London, Big Ben proudly chimes the eleventh hour

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Abi Howland 10G - English, Miss Holmes PETER PAN As the wind whistles round the buildings that tower the small streets of London, Big Ben proudly chimes the eleventh hour. Darkness had come hours ago, bringing soft snow with it. It is like the city of London is something out of a fairytale, as it is covered in a sheet of white. The moon stands out brightly in the deep blue sky, a silver ball of light watching the world, waiting for something to happen, waiting for a new adventure to start. It was tonight that the moon would get its wish, for as Big Ben chimed for the eleventh and final time; a man-shaped shape cast a shadow across the moon. In fact it was not a man, but a boy. One of the most famous boys that ever lived, a boy whose name is known by every child ever born, a boy that can fly and lives for adventure. A boy that will forever be, a boy. A boy, a magical boy, a boy named Peter Pan. Peter flew gracefully over the city of London, looking this way and that, searching for something that only he knew. His bright blue eyes shining with excitement and joy. As he approached east London, he slowed down and looked even more carefully at the details of the streets and the houses. All the time he was silently followed by a bright light, as though a star was flying alongside him. This light was in fact a fairy. One of the few fairies left in the world of men. Normal children do not believe in their existence any more, but Peter had always believed in fairies, he had always believed that a fairy is all a boy needs, a companion and a friend. Mothers and fathers are unnecessary, they are the ones that force children to grow up, to become men and women, rather than stay children forever. ...read more.


Tink had immediately taken a dislike to Wendy. She was going to get in the way of Peter and Tink's relationship. Tink wanted Wendy gotten rid of. He had a plan. He flew even faster down into the forest and alerted the lost boys. They were led to believe that Wendy was a bird that Peter wished dead. They each shot an arrow at her, one hit her in the chest. She fell from the sky and hit the ground with a small thud. The boys surrounded her body lying amongst bright flowers of every kind and every colour. "That is not a bird" pointed out one boy. "That is a lady" said another. "That could be my mother." One cried sadly. At that moment Peter returned with Wendy's brothers in tow. He had found them wondering in the forest. He was extremely happy and couldn't wait to show off Wendy. But when he could not see her anywhere but Tink was flying around happy, he grew concerned. "Tink. Where is Wendy?" Tink made various twinkling sounds. Peter grew angry and pushed through the group of boys. he fell to his knees and grabbed Tink. "Why did you do this? Why! Are you jealous because there is someone that means more to me than you? Are you?" Tink continued making excuses. But they were in vain. "You are banished" he said with anger and rage in his voice. He released the upset fairy from his grasp and gasped as the girl beside him sighed. She was alive! He ordered the boys to build the lady a house so that she had somewhere descent to wake up in rather than the open forest. When Wendy awoke, she was amazed to find herself in a man made house, made out of all things living in the forest. As she emerged from the tiny house, she found a group of 7 scruffy boys on there knees. ...read more.


This was sweet revenge, Peter glanced at Wendy who was gazing at him with love. He stamped down hard on the plank, causing the captain to fall. That was the end of captain hook. The crocodile sank back into the ocean, it was clear that it was never going to resurface. It had gotten what it wanted. "Well the war is won. We shall sail at dawn" Peter said, a smug grin stretching across his face. "Where to Peter?" asked nibs excitedly. "Can you take us home Peter?" Wendy interrupted pleadingly. "To London" he said unwillingly. The children touched their feet down onto the soft carpet of their nursery. Each looked around, memories flooding back to them, realising how much that had actually missed home, and all the things that come with it. Parents, care, kindness and most of all love. As soon as the Darling children called for their parents, they were there. They had been awaiting the sounds of their children's voices for so long, they were alert at the first sound. Mr and Mrs Darling ran into the nursery, each flinging their arms around each of the children disbelieving the sight of their children. Peter watched the joyful scene with sadness. The one thing that he wanted most in the world, was something that he must be forever barred. At last he drew himself away from the window, and began the flight home, but one person was aware of his departure. She raced to the window and called out his name. "Why are you leaving? You can stay too Peter" "Would I have to grow up?" "Yes" "Wendy I can't. I want to forever be a boy, and have fun" he replied bluntly. "Will you ever come back?" "To hear stories" "You won't forget me will you?" she said on the verge of tears. "Never" With that he turned his back on her, with the first tears that had ever fallen from his eyes rolling down his face, he followed the light into the sky. If only she understood. If only... THE END ...read more.

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