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Playgroups support and offer valuable opportunities for parents to meet and share their experiences and for children to play and socialise.

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D1 Playgroups Playgroups support and offer valuable opportunities for parents to meet and share their experiences and for children to play and socialise. They are coordinated by qualified community workers who give parenting tips and advice and provide information about other community services for families. Expert guest speakers are invited to talk about topics related to parenting or childhood development. Parents are encouraged to become involved in planning and running playgroup activities. Playgroups provide a range of learning experiences to stimulate children's intellectual growth. They learn about interactions with other children and can develop their communication skills. The community workers can help parents with behaviour-management techniques, provide information for parents about topics such as child development, health, hygiene and child safety. They can also help with developing social networks for parents, and identify developmental problems and refer families to relevant services. BENEFITS FOR FAMILIES Supported playgroups bring a number of benefits to the communities in which they operate and to the people who take part. These benefits are � improved parental self-esteem � increased satisfaction with the parenting role � improved parent-child interactions � improved or expanded social networks � improved child nutrition and safety, � improved knowledge of child development and parenting techniques. ...read more.


Many toys which can be bought at home, end up lying about the house, with the toy library, 1 toy is exchanged for another. Other benefits for having a toy library is that it can help parents learn about and are empowered to provide suitable stimulation for their child. Some may say that parents don't want to get involved, but the fact is that the parent doesn't know what to do or how to do it. The toy library could help the children and parents to play together, to share the activities, this would help to strengthen the family unit. Children who are 'at risk' can receive preventive stimulation, the toys at the library may be graded, this can help the child make steady progress on their development. The child's self confidence may increase with each toy, when they master the activity. Therapists report that children receiving therapy and also belong to a toy library, generally improve faster with their development and social well-being. There can be additional services that can be offered by toy libraries, these are names of childminders, schools in the area. ...read more.


Sure start children's centres These centres are in the most disadvantaged areas. The services they provide are:- Good quality early learning, combined with full day care provision for children, this could be effective for both child and parents. The child would make friends, learn and develop their skills and their developmental stage. The parents may be able to go out and find work. There are effective links with Jobcentre Plus for training or employment. Their would be support and services to parents and children who may need different services. I.e. special needs. The workers there, give information and advice to parents on a range of subjects, I.e. childcare, looking after babies and young children, education services for 3 and 4 year olds. They have drop in sessions and other activities for children and parents, this can help parents socialise with other parents, make friends, look at other children and see other children playing, parents playing with their children and learning them to do the same. It can stop parents form being isolated in their home, getting them out and active, letting them discover new activities, learning about themselves and others around them, discovering new hobbies. _______________________________________ ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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