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Psychology : For the article A2 coursework.

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Man stabbed to death in possible homophobic attack in Bromley Times Online, March 5 , 2009, by Adam Fresco .. One assumption is that the reason for the offender attacking the victim was because he was acting discriminatively towards him, due to his homosexuality. 'Detective Chief Inspector Cliff Lyons, of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said today that it was a possibility that the two men were attacked by a stranger simply because they were homosexual' Discrimination is when somebody acts in a way according to prejudices they have towards the other person. Discrimination was investigated by Tajfel (1970), who proposed that discrimination occurs due to the presence of out-groups. Another assumption that can made from this article is that bystander behaviour takes place. This is when a person witnesses an event, and does not intervene. This is seen in the article because the event occurred on a busy road, but no witnesses have come forward. ...read more.


This, in Tajfel's opinion, shows clear discrimination due to the presence of out-groups and conflicting opinions, which could explain the reason the attacker might have been acting discriminatively towards homosexuals. Evidence that looks into the second assumption is found from the case of Kitty Genovese, who was stabbed to death with plenty of witnesses, none of which responded. When asked, neighbours stated that they were afraid to intervene. There was also a study conducted by Latane and Darley(1970), who wanted to investigate why help is only offered sometimes, and came up with a six stage thought process model on how to interpret the situation. In their study, groups of different sizes were put into rooms and discussed their problems. A confederate then staged an epileptic attack and it was recorded how long it took for participants to intervene. It was found that the larger the group size, the less likely they were to intervene. ...read more.


A suggestion that relates to the second assumption is to get more witnesses to come forward. This could be done by offering rewards to witnesses. In Piliavin et als study 'Good samaritanism' (1969), the researcher's state that the response of a witness depends on their cost-reward analysis, they weigh up the pros and cons of intervening or reporting. If rewards were offered for witnesses, there will be more of a reason for them to come forward, and relating to this article, evidence could be given to identify the attacker. A suggestion that relates to the third assumption, is to reduce aggressive outbursts in people whose VIM isn't functioning properly, which could prevent violent attacks. This could be done with a technique such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which is a treatment that includes ...... and helps with their ability to cope with stress. A study by Clark et al (1999) tested the effectiveness of CBT, which showed that CBT is effective and also a briefer treatment than ...... . , and could have helped the attacker to control his aggressive behaviour. ...read more.

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