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Psychology Long Questions

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Psychology Long Questions In order to understand how human behaviour is learnt and/or develops over time, many studies are carried out on children. Bandura, Ross and Ross (Aggression) Tajfel (Intergroup Discrimination) a) Describe the procedure of each study. b) Comment on what this research tells us about children's behaviour. c) Evaluate two problems of using children as participants in psychological investigations, using examples from the above named studies. d) Describe one change to each named that would allow it to be carried out in accordance to today's ethical standards. State how this might affect the results. a) The procedure of the Bandura study is as follows. The children were tested individually; first they were taken to a room with toys and observed an adult model in one of two conditions. ...read more.


The procedure for the Tajfel study is as follows. The participants were asked whether they preferred one picture or another and divided up accordingly. This gave a sense of belonging to a group. They were then shown a matrix of numbers and told that each number represented money. They were then asked to allocate a number to a member of their team and one number to a member of the other team. b) We can learn a lot about child behaviour from these studies. The Bandura study shows us that children are very likely to imitate things they see adults doing. More in the case of a same sex model, or if the child is male and the model is displaying physically aggressive behaviour. ...read more.


Another problem is that of design characteristics. In the Tajfel study the participants were being paid to participate as well as being give the money they awarded to each party. This may have prompted the participants to try and fit what they though the investigator would want. d) There are a variety of changes I would make to the studies to fit today's rigorous ethical guidelines. In the Bandura study, I would get rid of the mild aggression arousal as it may be psychologically damaging, but this may affect the results in that the imitated aggression is likely to be lower without the arousal. I would change the Tajfel study so that the matrix didn't represent money, but just figures. However this may make the participants less likely to show Intergroup discrimination as the numbers are of no real consequence. ...read more.

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