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Question 3: Is there no such thing as childhood anymore?

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Kimberly Kristen Wong 05A23 General Paper Essay Question 3: Is there no such thing as childhood anymore? Answer: Childhood is a fundamental stage and its influence extends into adult life. To guarantee that children and adolescents have the best possible start in life is the way to ensure the development and progress of nations. The dictionary defines childhood as the period of life between infancy and puberty. Often these days, this is the age of children attending primary school and early secondary school. While it is admittedly true that with stress and a heavy workload, children do have lesser time for themselves, it would be exaggerated to say that there is no such thing as childhood anymore. Children in the colonial period were seen as beings who should adopt adult behavior and assume adult responsibilities as soon as possible. They were dressed as adults as early as age seven or eight. By age ten children often lived with other families and worked for them as hired laborers or servants. ...read more.


Despite children of today's era generally not having to worry about being sold off as slaves or being married off at such young ages, the children of our decade have their own set of burdens and hustles to worry about. Usually, when we think of childhood, we often think of ignorance, naivet´┐Ż, care-freeness, joy, innocence and peace and laughter. As young adults, we often reminisce about our childhood because it was a period of time when we had no worries and we lived day to day as happy individuals without burdens. However, looking at society today in all it's paper-chase "glory", when we look at children these days, it seems that we can see their days packed to the fullest with tuition classes for every subject possible, classes in the aesthetics department such as ballet or piano, and a heavy involvement in co-curricular activities such as the "Boys Scout" and "Girls Brigade" or sporting activities such as tennis training or basketball practices. In Singapore, this is evident even in children who have not yet begun their primary school education. ...read more.


Children these days are burden free in a sense that they do not have to worry about the basic essentials in life and survival, and they often take for granted the roof over their head; the food they are fed; the clothes they wear. Not only do they not appreciate the basic necessities provided for them, they often also take for granted the luxuries they are provided with. Furthermore, I feel that with the awareness that has been raised by the government for a holistic education and the importance of childhood as a foundation of life, parents are now gradually giving their children a great deal more of autonomy, as well as letting them learn at their own pace. I can thus conclude that there is indeed still such a thing as childhood. Perhaps the definitions of childhood have changed over time, but the basic essence of innocence and care-freeness of a child are still dominant in children today. Thus, despite the growing academic stress, I feel that children today are still generally given a chance to be children, and to take their time growing up. ...read more.

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