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Questionnaire to find out the opinion of parents intermarrying with other religions.

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1400 - Practical investigation Questionnaire to find out the opinion of parents intermarrying with other religions. Abstract My aim was to find out the opinion of parents on their children inter-marring into other religions. To obtain this information I carried out 50 questions in the each of the following shopping centres; Harrow, Brent cross and Watford; I am looking at the North-West of London. I choose these 3 locations as they are large shopping centres in which a wide range of people of different religions shop. I handed out the questionnaires to people I believe to be the following: Aged 40-59 and of the following religions; Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim. Questionnaires filled by people who were not of the above were rejected. (94) Introduction As research I looked into a few religious studies books as well as looking at articles and previous research done on similar investigations. From looking at some of the books I found that the religion a child marries into is almost always considered with three of the religions I have looked at. The only religion that I found did not have such a high issue over what religion their child married into is Christians, although they do prefer that their beliefs and traditions are followed along side the beliefs and traditions they already follow. ...read more.


Christian parents do teach their children about religion but what is more important to them is that faith and traditions are followed and these can be done by people of other religions and therefore they are not strict about their children inter-marrying with other religions as research shows that more Christians have inter-married than any other religion. My aim is to find out if these beliefs are still as strong as they used to be and to find out if today's society has changed in any way. I chose to do a questionnaire, and have both open and closed questions. I have used closed questions as they are easy to generalise and will allow me to generalise easily my finding on the opinion of parents on their children inter-marrying with other religions. The open questions will allow me to see the views of the parents and the reason behind the opinion of the parents. Questionnaire are also quick and confidential and do not consider ethical issues. I chose to look at 40-59 years old parents as it is during these age stages their children get married and therefore I would be getting the response of parents who already have married children or are at a close age of getting married. ...read more.


I tried to distribute the questionnaires equally between the 4 religions and the sex of the parents. When first approaching the participants I explained the purpose of the questionnaire (also stated top of questionnaire). In addition I also explained that the information would only be used for one purpose, which was to give me data to analyse for my research based area. I tried to insure that the results were reliable by informing the participants that it would be appreciated if they could be as honest as possible as demand characteristic could take place if they wanted there religion to look better or if they were trying to answer the questions in the way they through I wanted them to. (277) Results: To present my data I have showed it in the form of a table, which clearly shows the religion, age, sex and number of children. On a separate sheet is a summary of the other answer collected. I found it hard to generalise the results as I received a lot of different information in the open questions, however it has given me a clearer understanding of the pinion of the parents and reasons behind their decisions. Once Reference: The Occident and American Jewish Advocate -Volume II, No. 12 Edexcel - Religious and Spiritual Education 2002-3 - Religious Studies 2003-4 http://www.personal.psu.edu/users/b/p/bph128/religion.htm http:www.hinduwebsite.com ...read more.

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