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Relationships in different cultures

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´╗┐Relationships in different Cultures A clear difference between Western and a non-western culture is that Western cultures have large urban centre and a high social and geographical mobility. This means that the voluntarily come into contact with a large number of strangers, who are potential partners on a daily basis. However Non Western cultures are the opposite, they do not have many urban centres and have a small geographical mobility, mean that they have less opportunity to meet new people. Meeting new people/ potential partners is usually due to family or economics. In some cultures when mobility is reduced arranged marriages make good sense. Studies of divorce rates found that the divorce rate of arranges marries were very low. Other studies of arranged marriages found that there was no difference in marriage satisfaction of women from china in arranged marriages and women in the US, from non-arranged marriages. This shows that although in some cultures arranged marriages are frowned upon, in some cultures that may be the best option. However some cultures, such as China have seen a dramatic drop in the amount of arranged marriages. ...read more.


As parents are wiser and have had more life experience they may be able to make a better judgement on compatibility, and relations that will work in the long run. This is due to the fact that they are not ?blinded by love? However a study on non-arranged marriages found that ?freedom of choice mates produced stable not unstable relationships. Western culture is very discontinuity. This means that they see change as being important and inevitable, this means that they see opinions on relationships from the past as being very old fashioned and out of date. This view also means that they are much more likely to have temporary relationships. In contrast to this Non-western cultures placed a great importance on heritage and their ancestry. They also promote continuity and therefor are more likely to form long term stable relationships. Recent research has found that the most important factor influencing what type of relationship a person has is whether they are from an Urban or non-urban surrounding. 50 years ago divorce was very rare in the west, however since this time divorce rates have dramatically raised. ...read more.


He found that although they did disagree on many rules of relationships, the things that are acceptable and not acceptable in a relationship, they did agree on things such as the fact that respect should be shown in a relationship. Some researchers fail to consider cultural differences in their studies. Argyle did a cross culture comparison of the rules of relationships. One critism of this study is that the list of rules that he tested the cultures on was conducted in the UK meaning that he may have ignored the rules that only occur in the other countries, such as the rules about gift giving in china. This means that the results collected may be invalid and not be representable. The opinions on Romance also differ between non-western and western cultures. Western cultures see a much greater need for romance in their relations, whereas people from a non-western culture see it as a less important factor. A study of Australian and Chinese students found that there were twice as many Australian students in a romantic relationship, and the Chinese student also reposted much more loneliness than the Chinese students. This shows that the opinions on romance within a relationship, differs greatly amongst Western and Non-Western cultures. ...read more.

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