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Review of communication skills demonstrated in the interactions of 8 year old with parents.

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E1 Review of communication skills demonstrated in the interactions. Group interactions Care setting: primary school Client group: child (8 years) with parents In the group interactions, I was a class room assistant who was meeting the parents of a young child with behavioural problems. When Mr and Mrs Shaw arrived I called them in to the office using a soft tone and with a hand gesture I offered them a seat in front of my desk. They seemed pleased to be meeting me and were very concerned about their son Matthew. They were both talking in a calm slow voice with varying tone. I started by asking how Matthews behaviour was at home. Mr Shaw was relaxed and sitting in an open posture. ...read more.


Maintaining good eye contact I said I was experiencing the same problems in the class as Matthew is becoming very disruptive and a lot of parents are complain that their children are frightened of Matthew. Mrs Shaw became very upset and did not keep eye contact with me, and Mr Shaw was now in a closed posture. In a strong tone Mr Shaw demanded what was doing to help Matthew. I leaned forward and using a soft tone I told them the school could offer support for Matthew as long as the parents were willing to help, I then showed them some of Matthew's class work and the areas he was doing good in. His mother seemed pleased and became less tensed. ...read more.


I explained how one to one help for Matthew would benefit him in his school work and also the other children, I then said they could discuss the program at home and decide, and then they could arrange another interview if they were happy with the program. Mr Shaw stood up and I handed Mrs Shaw the leaflets. I thanked them for their time and shock their hands, I said using a polite tone they could come see me any time if they were unhappy about any thing. I showed them to the door and Mrs Shaw was very thankful for my advice and agreed to come back and discuss the program for Matthew. Mr Shaw thanked me but did not shake my hand and made no eye contact with me as he left and I said he was very welcome to come back any time. Marie Gillespie ...read more.

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