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Same-Sex Marriages

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Tala Zalloum Ms. Sloan English 10 March 28, 2004 Same-Sex Marriages A very controversial issue is on the rise in the United States: should same-sex marriages be legal? Some say it should be although many others disagree. To alter the definition of marriage, which has almost been taken for granted, is sad and wrong. Marriage is not the only thing that will be affected by this act; it has a negative affect on children, society and people overall. Same-sex marriage should be illegal, but civil unions should be able to provide people with the same benefits as a marriage. Marriage is something that can't really be defined. It is precious, sacred, unique, and currently exists between only a man and a woman; the definition of it on paper should not be changed. President Bush recently stated that "marriage cannot be severed from its cultural, religious, and national roots" (Reichmann npag). By allowing gay marriage to take place that is exactly what will happen to marriage. Not only do many people find it religiously wrong, but it is also against many people's moral beliefs. President Bush supported the people against same-sex marriage by saying that allowing these marriages would be changing the definition of the "most enduring human institution" (Reichmann npag). ...read more.


They are presented with many problems in their everyday life. Gay marriage will be adding to the existing problems. "Fatherless children are already a problem and gay marriage will contribute to it because most gay couples raising children are women" (Moll npag). That fact could add to the possibility of these children, if males, to turn out gay because they have been raised by two women and have not had much 'manliness' in their life. "Gay marriage will also encourage teens who are unsure of their sexuality to embrace a lifestyle that suffers high rates of suicide, depression, HIV, drug abuse, and other pathogens" (Benne npag). Since this is also a common problem among teens same-sex marriages won't be helping this either. Teens need as natural an environment as possible with parents that meet their needs. If children are affected, it affects the people around them. "Gay marriage may not just change the development of children, said the center for Public Justice's Skillen; it may change society's entire concept of parenthood" (Moll npag). Parenthood is also something special that can not be done in a homosexual couple. Another major issue is the commitment to each other. ...read more.


"'[Civil unions] could include things like single people looking after aging parents. It could include, as in my own family, two bachelor brothers and a sister who ran a farm their whole life.' Defined this way, she says, civil unions would actually preserve the uniqueness of marriage" (Moll npag). This is extremely important to recognize that the uniqueness of marriage will still be preserved. Civil unions can be with any two people who just care for each other; marriage will only be about a heterosexual couple who share passion and great love with each other. The legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife. That's how people know marriage and how it should always be known. The fact alone that many people are offended by the though of a gay marriage takes something special away from the marriage. No one's asking to discriminate against gays or take away any of their rights but the only thing that they should learn to live with and accept is that same-sex marriage is wrong. Not because they're gay but because it will be changing something so many people have taken for granted and grown to love; the idea of being married and how special it is. In the words of Bush, "the institution of marriage is sacred and shouldn't be redefined" (Reichmann npag). ...read more.

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