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Scientific Fraud - research into psychic powers

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´╗┐Scientific fraud, an act of deception or misrepresentation of one's own work, which violates ethical standards. It can take the form of plagiarism or falsification of data etc. Scientific fraud has been attributed to attain high levels of personal or professional success for example those who are in a search for promotion, status or to obtain research grants. Anomalous events can be investigated within the study of collective behaviour, religion, the afterlife etc. The use of these paradigms would reduce problems associated with sceptical attacks, low rates of replicability, and experimenter effects. ...read more.


He has performed in front of thousands of people by spoon bending, telepathy etc. However whenever Geller is asked to perform these things on the spot he has not been able to produce these powers. But he says this is because he did not feel strong enough at the time or because of the negative energy around him which can be known as jelous phenomena. I think that if he had these special powers he should be able to do it anytime. Walter Levy did an experiment into telepathy which he conducted on rats by connecting electrodes to the ?pleasure zones? on the brain of the rat. ...read more.


There are many issues with his experiment first being it was cruel to do this experiment on animals. Also you cannot generalise the results to humans as even if the rats had psycho kinesis it would not mean that humans would have it too. I think that Levy actually believed in telepathy and therefore was too blinded by it to realise he was doing wrong by changing the results. Fraudulent activities by the minority researchers have influenced opinions about the credibility of the research into this area. Only when all variables are controlled and the results can be fully replicated will the research in to PK and ESP be given scientific credibility. ...read more.

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