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Should boxing be banned?

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Should boxing be banned? Boxing is described in the Oxford Everyday dictionary as "the sport of fighting with the fists". In recent years, there have been many campaigns to try and have boxing banned. Those in favour of banning boxing argue that it is dangerous, potentially life threatening and generally medical unsafe. It can also be argued that it is unethical to give someone money for fighting with someone else. Those who are against boxing being banned argue that it is no more dangerous than other sports. During the course of this essay, I will attempt to critically examine each of these arguments and to demonstrate to the reader that the sport of boxing should not be banned. One of the main arguments in favour of boxing being banned is that serious medical injury can result from boxing due to continuous blows to the head. ...read more.


Dr Warburton said, "If you wanted to minimise the number of actual injuries in sport you would be far better coming up with better rules for motor sports or rock climbing. Some would argue that boxing teaches people, children in particular, that aggressive behaviour is acceptable. One important factor that shapes a child's behaviour is imitation. All people, children in particular, have a strong tendency to imitate others. A child watches people eat with a fork and tries to do the same. After a while, the child also uses a fork. This imitation extends to virtually every kind of behaviour, including aggression. A child observes other people being aggressive and copies them. Thus, the child's own aggressive behaviour is shaped and determined by what he or she observes others doing. ...read more.


A government spokesman stated that "The government is not going to ban boxing but it will bring pressure on the boxing authorities to provide proper facilities for people who are fighting including increased safety measures". Boxing has been banned in Sweden for the past thirty years. However, the Swedish government is now planning to lift this ban, as they believe it is illogical, especially given the increasing popularity of other fighting sports that are not prohibited. To conclude, there are many justified arguments in favour of banning boxing just as there are numerous warranted arguments in favour of not banning boxing. Although much more research is required in all of these areas I believe, that as things stand at the moment, boxing should not be banned. We must ask ourselves does boxing take the criminal out of the man or does the man take boxing out of the criminal? ...read more.

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