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"Should homosexual couples be allowed to adopt children?"

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English GCSE Discursive Essay "Should homosexual couples be allowed to adopt children?" By Nicola Crooks "Having two mummies or daddies is stupid, but it's better than having none at all" When asked for his opinion on the matter of gay couples adopting and raising children as their own, my eight year old brother replied with the above statement. Children are said to be the harshest critics; their opinions considered whole truths. But is this neutral and innocent view shared by the thousands of children currently in foster care worldwide? If given the choice, would they consent to being taken into the care of a same-sex couple? Furthermore, should such couples be given the right to do so? Many people would disagree, claiming that the only suitable and natural family unit for any child is a nuclear one, consisting of a mother and a father. By evidence of their 1977 ban on the adoption of children by homosexual couples, the state of Florida is in agreement. Although it is the only such law in the United States of America, there are currently six other states considering following in its footsteps. In my opinion, I believe that children in need of a home and loving parents should be given the chance to experience it, regardless of the sexual orientation of those wishing to take on the responsibility. I agree with the statement by a gay father, recently published in the well known UK newspaper, The Sun, which said "My children are very happy-isn't that what it's all about?" ...read more.


The reality is that prejudice is not only experienced by homosexuals. The adoptive children of couples from ethnic minorities could also undergo scorn at the hands of their classmates, yet such couples are no denied the right of adoption, in even the most racist areas. Other such minority groups include immigrants, the physically and mentally disabled, followers of uncommon religions...If we are to allow only those we see as ordinary to adopt, we are left with a very slim chance of finding caring homes for the high amount of children in care. The most important point in adoption by gay couples is the happiness and safety of the children. It is a confirmed fact that stability is one of the most important factors in raising a happy child. Insecurity within the home will reflect badly on the child, resulting in unhappiness within the parent-child relationship, as well as the relationship between the parents. Many insist that these are the type of problems which can be expected to occur as a result of adoption by gay couples. It is said that in comparison to happily married heterosexual couples, the reliability of a homosexual relationship is questionable. The reasoning behind gay couples requesting to adopt is also examined. Why, when single homosexuals are free to adopt, are gay couples insisting on their right for adoption? If their interests lie solely with the wellbeing of their potential child, then surely their recognition as a couple is not important. ...read more.


Those who cannot conceive naturally may love and care for their adopted child as much, if not more, than those who can. If we disallow gay couples to adopt due to their inability to have children, then we must take into consideration the requests for adoption from infertile people or couples. One of the most common reasons in the world today for adoption is the fact that one or both of the people involved in the relationship are unable to produce children. However, these couples are not turned away. I strongly believe that if we are to argue that only naturally able people should have the right to children, then we must not exclude couples besides homosexuals. In conclusion, there are many reasons as to why it is felt gay couples should not be allowed to adopt; most of which deal with the doubts and concerns felt by those in today's society. However, there is no evidence to support the allegations made towards gay couples and their ability to support and care for adopted children. I hope I have succeeded in clearly displaying the reasons as to why I believe bans such as those passed in Florida should not be universal. Although there are numerous reasons to stop homosexual couples from becoming adoptive parents, there are none to support the general view that heterosexual couples are more capable. Keeping the intentions of the children in need of good homes in mind, it is my strong belief that we should judge individuals on their own merits and abilities before making assumptions on their parenting skills, rather than conclude wholly on sexual preference. Nicola Crooks ...read more.

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