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Snot! The green slimy substance that trickles down the noses of small children.

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Snot! The green slimy substance that trickles down the noses of small children. That's what I remember. Walking into a primary school expecting to see the sweet angelic faces of five year olds, but what do I get, a handful of adorable faces and the rest; dirty and snotty. It wasn't really much of a problem at the time but once they cleaned their faces and washed their hands, I felt a sigh of relief coming on. Working in a primary school wasn't as fun as you would really expect it to be. At first the children introduce themselves to you, putting on a satisfying expression, but as the days progress they've got you wrapped around their little finger like thread on a reel. Climbing on you as though you were some sort of climbing frame and calling out your name every second displaced the thought of cooperating with these children, but then you have to think, they are only five years old. ...read more.


I didn't doubt that description for a minute, as I was correct. It was exactly what he did, so tried to make learning interesting for him. He seemed excited when I asked him to come and draw slimy snake on the computer; similar to the one on the display board. I enjoyed everything during the two weeks but there is always one activity, which bores everyone to death! For me that was assemblies. Regardless of what anyone thought, assemblies were never interesting. Walking into a hall, lips tight shut, teachers staring at the children waiting to strike at someone who makes even the slightest sound. There was nothing different about assemblies at this school apart from the fact that merits are awarded from the head teacher for excellent achievement. Sitting on a char whilst all the children watch me and giggle as Mrs. W. Robinson, head mistress of Wellington Primary School marched in. One memory, which stays at the back of my head, was when I was asked to see if there was a dead pigeon on the field. ...read more.


Looking at them and reading their faces, the first thought, which came to mind, was the faces and eyes, which looked at me on the first day I strolled into the classroom. The big hand turned to twelve as the little one stood at four and I was off, empty handed; but still clinging on to my dignity, and I left the premises, not even with a thank you card but an oral thank you from the children. On my way home, ignoring the fact that I had tonnes of homework due in a couple of days, I thought of what I had learnt. For once I couldn't think of anything...but then something came to me. Working with small children is not an easy job. You cannot lack in qualities such as patience and tolerance, but you also have to listen to what the children have to say and show a bit of enthusiasm as though you are interested. After living through these two weeks, I have decided not to become a primary school teacher but just to enjoy everything I do and also to work hard in every activity, achieving my maximum potential. Priya Kaur Panesar Work Experience Essay ...read more.

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