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stress essay

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Consider research into the effect of stress on the immune system? (18) Foremost, the immune system made up of a vast number of cells throughout the entire body that defend and fight against disease, infection and viruses. The body is composed of antibodies and white blood cells known as leucocytes in which lymphocytes found in bone marrow (b cells) and the thalamus (t cells), produce these antibodies which attack foreign bodies that may harm the body. Research suggests that stress can seriously inhibit the effectiveness of the body's immune system and can lead to vital results. The studies of Kiecolt-Glaser aimed to distinguish whether stress can be linked with a lowered immune system. Blood samples were taken from students before and during their examinations to measure t cell activity also questionnaires were given also on both occasions to measure psychiatric symptoms, loneliness and life events. His particular findings show that T-cell activity was significantly lower on the second occasion, during their examinations and that the questionnaires distinguished that T-cell activity was incredibly weak in the students feeling most lonely, feeling depressed or stressful life events. ...read more.


Moreover, the studies of Riley indicate that his link between stress and other psychological states conveyed other aspects. As he induced cancerous cells into the brains of mice and placed them upon a rotating table. Consequently, producing stress in the mice resulting in some deaths. Subsequently his findings show that the results had a correlation. Yet the aspect of extrapolation comes from his study only being conveyed on mice and so can not generalise or be entirely linked with humans. Therefore, the results are hard to distinguish to that with humans. However, some would argue that human studies do in fact show similar results with that of Riley's study and so extrapolation is not all accounted for as it does shoe some accuracy. In contrast to, the entire study was not ethical as it took animals and induced brain tumours into them causing death and so was not humane to pursue. Whereas, other studies specifically Cohen, aimed to investigate the link between stress and immunosupression. ...read more.


On the other hand, due to the participants being monitored in secure housing this may have alarmed them and increased their stress levels as this can be seen as un- natural and so affected the results as the stress may be due to the surroundings and not what is being studied. Equally, the study's findings show a positive correlation between the stress levels and immunosupression but this is not entirely the true cause as it is not definite but does in fact indicate that suppressive effects do lead to diseases yet is not the total cause for this. Overall, it can be seen that the effect of stress on the immune system can be caused by numerous responses yet there is no definite answer for it yet research gives an insight to what may be the cause of this whether it the immune system itself or a confounding variable. They all add to the effects which may lead to infections, diseases or viruses.cv ?? ?? ?? ?? Lucy Leonard ...read more.

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