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Swimming in Selangor, Malaysia.

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Physical Education Craig Lochhead 12B Swimming in Selangor, Malaysia It all starts off with the learning; the basic knowledge of how to swim. This starts at a very small age of 4 and onwards. Parents send their children to commercial centres, swimming clubs, golf clubs or life clubs and parents can also arrange private classes with teachers. An example of a swimming centre in Selangor is the Atlantis Swimming Centre. The swimming centre brings in teachers that teach swimming and only teach swimming for children. Another way of learning how to swim in Selangor could be through clubs such as the Stingray Swimming Club where high level coaches teach the basic swimming lessons for children. Golf clubs or life clubs are also a place where children can learn how to swim as many clubs have good facilities and good teachers. ...read more.


They also now learn how to tumble turn and dive properly. The children now at this age may learn how to improve their stamina by doing long lengths in a pool. All the strokes are now improved and children are able to do long lengths and are now sent to intensive training where stamina is further increased and children and teenagers learn to swim faster and develop larger muscles for stronger swimming so that they can swim faster and longer. A good swimming club in Malaysia would be the Aquakudas which is situated in the national swimming stadium. Swimmers swim eight times a week. This is an intensive training and only a few people take this up and are normally teenagers. ...read more.


It is like a normal sport school with both lessons and intensive training. That is mainly the only national level training that Selangor runs and either than that senior swimmers are sent overseas to pursuit better excellence in an academy of sports. The national level of competition that the national swimmers attend is SUKMA which is basically a national championship of swimming in Malaysia which occurs every two years. There is also the Sea Games which is an international championship in South East Asia which happens every two years. The Asian games which take place every four years. The Commonwealth Games which happens every 4 years. The Olympic Games take place happens every four years as well. Although there are national levels in Selangor, Malaysia there are no professional swimmers in the whole of Malaysia as many swimmers leave overseas to pursuit better training and competition. ...read more.

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