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Teenagers sometimes complain that they are treated like children.

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Ian Pang Teenagers sometimes complain that they are treated like children. Teenagers first come into this world as a bundle of joy, but some object. As children grow and become teenagers, the problems start. Problems such as relationships, school and even monetary are rampant. So what do children do when they run into trouble? They go to their parents; so do teenagers. Teenagers in Singapore go through lots of education. From young in primary school till university for many. Education can therefore be said to be very formal and very fast paced and competitive. Teachers and parents already at this stage have their students or children's lives planned out, but teenagers may think differently. ...read more.


He is now a teenager. The O level examination is approaching, and all he does is try to study. That is good. Then the adult steps in. A responsible one would say this: How are you doing? Do you need help? Just ask me. Don't be shy. Then on the other hand an adult with fish mongering experience would say this: Aiyah! Whole day study study. You know last time ... My parents worked day and night, and I started working when I was your age! Now all you can do is sit here and read your book. ...read more.


Tests are always coming, but they never come, study wastes time, study for what? You see the good teenager has a sort of worry for his future, whereas the bad one does not. It is this mere worry that sets us about our lives. Without it, our lives would be as meaningless as the aimless punk's. Adults also think about our future. Because we don't. They care incessantly about the smallest things in life, probably because when they were young, they faced the same demands of society. So it is because of this care and concern for responsibility that motivates us to behave like children, so the adults can guide us toward the right path. Now I know, what you qualify determines whether you are a child or an adult. ...read more.

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