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The Aim of my study is to look into parents and childrens views on the eleven plus examination.

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The Aim of my study is to look into parents and childrens views on the eleven plus examination. I want to find out if the eleven plus has a negative effect on children which may effect them throughout their lives. I want to look at the effects of the elevn plus on a childs, self esteem, confidence, self perception and motivation to succeed. I am hoping for clear evidence from my questionnaires that will show a clear pattern, either that the examination is effecting children in these areas or not and also what groups of children it effects. My research question is what damage does the eleven plus examination have on children and should the examination be abolished? I have desided to use the questioonaire method to obtain my information. I feel that a questionnaire is the best method of research for this particular topic as I will need information from a large sample group and from different settings. ...read more.


An example of a question that may upset a child would be. Do you feel that you are a failure because you failed the eleven plus?. This question could not be used, however I do want to get results from my questionnaire that may answer questions like that. After discussions with school principals I decided to re design my questionnaire for parents rather than children for two main reasons. Parents know there children and would be able to write about experiences related to the eleven plus where as children of this age would be giving direct answers of yes or no and would not be going into detail as a result of mahybe feeling pressure to conform with their friends and write what they wrote. My second reasons for addressing the questionnaire to the parents was childrens rights, I was unable to give the questionnaire to the children without their parents permission due to it being a sensitive issue waiting for permission slips from each aprent would have been very time consuming. ...read more.


I began by designing a questionnaire for the year 8 questioonaires, before handing out the questionnaire I decided to e mail a copy of my questionnaire to each of the principals to make sure that they where happy with the content and that it would not cause offence. I waited for a confirmation and then I was able to leave the questionnaires into the school to the appointed year 8 teacher. I enclosed a cover letter with each questioonaire explaining who I was and what my research was based on. Each child was given a questioonaire by their year teacher to take home to their parents. On the cover letter I decided to print a date by which the form had to be completed and returned to school, this was to ensure that all completed questionnaires where handed in by this date. I decided to call a day later than this date incase there may have been a few late submissions. ...read more.

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