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'The brain' theory.

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'The brain' theory. Just what are dreams? Scientists are still debating this question. Remember, they haven't figured out what most of our brain capacity is used for, much less what dreams are or why we dream...so they'll be busy on this one far into the future. Many theories about why we dream exist, but nothing has been proven. My own theory is that dreams are the brains alarm system, reminding us of problems that need our attention. The brain is working while we are sleeping. It analyzes everything that has happened during the day and if everything satisfies it, we sleep well; however, if something disturbs it, we have nightmares. ...read more.


It can be a problem at our work or maybe social problem. It is very important to 'see' the actual problem and solve it. Many people will say: "What about horror movies? We can have nightmares after watching them." This is right - our brain takes all the happenings on the screen as reality and tries to solve the problem. The worst thing is if the movie ended badly. We just add problems to our lives by watching horror movies. And what about those "light" comedies? The movie help the viewer fell good and sleep well. ...read more.


It is important to choose the time for relaxation right. Brain can be compared to the motor engine if it works very hard it can overheat and damage itself as a result. This is where the movies come in use. They can be used to make our brain think about other things than our problems. The result depends on the brain and the organism. Nervous system affects this. And sometimes it's not enough just to watch a movie to relax nervous system. Doctors suggest that if a man doesn't want to finish up with heart attack he has to 'relax' his organism with alcohol or cigarettes the alternative is hospitals and lots of medicine. We need entertainments for relaxation, but it is very important to use them wisely. ...read more.

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