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The Hero.

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Daniel Thomas Senior 5 B Personnel and imaginative writing THE HERO I'm a hero in the world's eyes, but I'm on the run. Everywhere I go I feel scared and I feel that I'm being watched by someone. Death stares me in the face wherever I go. Sometimes I'm tired of living because living means running, fleeing, avoiding capture. Its fear, fear all the time, wherever I go. People call me 'hey, hero' and ask me questions like 'how does it feel to be like a hero?': only I know, a normal boy in school, with my own life, my own problems, but this was too big a problem to think about. I had different ambitions in my life to live for. I was a boy who was very shy, quite, and humble. But after that incident I was a completely changed person. I still remember that day, that unforgettable scene with black vans, terrorists in school, the varying reactions of the students and teachers. I remember the guns I had to use. Who would have thought that that day would be a great disaster. That day never will I forget it because I never knew that it would turn up to be the terrorists who were after me. ...read more.


I volunteered to go, knowing that I would not be suspected. A schoolboy, I could throw the guards of guard. I knew that my life was in danger; I was counting death but that day something in me responded the crisis. I had always been timid, sensitive, afraid of pain, but that day was different. Looking back I realize that life is really made up of significant moments. That moment of decision changed my life. There was no denying the fact that I was scared but some unknown power within me spurred me on. I walked in calmly and soon the men who had arrived in the black vans. In school, classes went on; it was just another day. How little they knew of the tragedy that awaited them, like a stalky beast of prey. As I knew the school premises like the back of my hand. I could position myself in such a way that I could watch the terrorists their furtive moments and secret glances went unnoticed by all the people, except me. They pretended to be parents. Two of them moved towards the office; the others to the classes as if to contact their children. On a signal the terrorists charged into the classrooms and pointed the guns at the children. ...read more.


I had overcome one terrorist. This made me more confident. I found another boy alone in a corridor, posing up and down. He seemed to be a mere boy inspite of his aggressive march and his gun. With my metal rod poised for attack, I crept forward. The children had gained greater confidence knowing that there was someone to help them. Guided by their teachers they moved quietly out of the building and ran into freedom and safety. But my part in the drama was noted by one of the terrorists. So my fate was scaled. If he escaped I was in for it. I had got into more danger than I had bargained for. The terrorists did not escape. They surrendered but my life was in danger. To their friends they marked me off as the boy who had ruined their plans. I was the target, the scapegoat who had masterminded the escape of their victims. On the hit list I am wary of the future, seeing death in every shadow, every whisper, every movement. In the worlds eyes I am a hero, a celebrity who saved a school. The honors, rewards and the complimentary speeches have not turned my head. In fact I'm merely a boy living on borrowed time. I'm afraid each day will be my last. I'm a hero on the run. ...read more.

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