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The Legalization of Marijuana

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Brittany Kuzman Sister Marcille McEntee Composition I 24 September 2004 The Legalization of Marijuana The legalization of marijuana has been a very controversial topic for our country. There are many positive and negative aspects for this debate. In my opinion, the negatives outweigh the positives for legalizing marijuana in our country. There are three reasons that come to mind immediately of why not to legalize marijuana, these are easier accessibility for children, people becoming less motivated and effecting the economy and the bad health consequences that go along with smoking marijuana. At the moment the popularity of marijuana is rising among youth and teens. ...read more.


Another negative effect of legalizing marijuana is that it could affect adults and their well being, not just teenagers. If marijuana was legalized, adults would probably find it acceptable to do and would do it often. This would lead to laziness, lack of motivation and irresponsibility. If everybody would be lazy then not as much would get done, which could slow down productivity and hurt our economy. Also, if parents started using marijuana they would be probably act irresponsible with their children, which would affect their children negatively. Many children also look up to adults as role models and adults using marijuana would influence children to also use marijuana. ...read more.


To use marijuana it has to be smoked, which is dangerous because of all the possible chemicals that the person will inhale. With so many other, safer, effective treatments out there it is not necessary to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Legalization of marijuana has its pros and cons, but it being legalized would do more harm than good for children, economy and everyone else in our country. The side effects of marijuana are far worst then any pleasure that people would get out of it. It is every person's own choice to use marijuana or not, but it is my observations that it is not worth the risks. This will probably be a controversial issue for a long time, but hopefully for our country's sake, it will never be legalized. Kuzman 1 Kuzman 2 ...read more.

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