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The link between the media and aggression

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Introduction We are doing a study on the link between the media and aggression. I am studying whether or not; aggression in the media has an effect on children today. Also I am going to go into great detail of aggression and then media, and then I am going to go in to detail the link between the two. There are many different types of aggression and different ways of expressing aggression. Here is the dictionary definition of aggression- the act for an instance of commencing an attack, invasion or quarrel; an assault. In this dictionary there is also a psychology definition saying; hostile action or behaviors. Aggression is very common but most people find it hard to define. Psychologists have split aggression into two simple groups. The first group is called instrumental aggression; it's to do with competition and is used to achieve goals. Also it can be about protecting your self e.g. a victim of a fight or maybe to get your own way like a child may ask another child for a toy and when they are refused they might show aggression towards the other child. This type of aggression isn't necessarily accompanied by anger. ...read more.


Tom ends up winning the fight and every one else in the play ground cheer tom. After seeing this Joey decides it would be a good idea to have a fight as well because then he may get the same reaction from his friends as Tom. Here's the social learning theory on this situation. First you have the role model Tom, and then you have observation of the aggressive behavior taking place, then you have the reinforcement (the children cheering Tom on), and then you have the imitation (Joey wanting to have a fight). This show that the behavior has been learnt, This theory has been tested on children. Psychologist Bandura did several studies. He used adults behaving aggressively because adults to children are seen as role models. Bandra sat children in a room with an adult whilst the adult was being aggressive to a booboo doll, whilst the adult was showing aggressive behavior towards the inflatable. After, Bandura gave the children a number of toys to play with including the booboo doll, whilst the adult was still in the room. Bandura used experimental conditions. He had a child who watched a film where an adult was being aggressive towards the booboo doll and with another he made them watch w film with no violence in. ...read more.


People may feel better after watching violence but they end up with the knowledge and the learning of violence. Daniel Cumberbatch (1987) did an experiment studying violence on TV he analysed the out put of four channels over four separate weeks. He found: * 30% of programs had violence * There was an average of 1.4 act of violence per program -He included wrestling and boxing -He didn't include verbal threats. If he did the violent acts per program would increase. The experiment was done a year later the study found that on satellite there was twice as much violent acts per hour. Although the violence acts in society was greater. The aim of us doing this experiment is for us to find how much aggression is in a child's TV program. We will watch the Simpson's. We are doing this investigation because a lot of psychologists investigate how aggression on TV affects child aggression. We wanted to find out how much aggression was actually on TV. The Hypothesis for our experiment is- there will be a greater significant amount of aggression in the children's TV program "the Simpson's" The Null Hypothesis is- there will be no significant amount of aggression in the children's TV program "the Simpson's" ?? ?? ?? ?? Rebecca Childs ...read more.

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