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The Media as an Agent in Socialization

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Essay Topic: Which of the four agents of socialization do you believe is most important in the development of the child? Explain you answer through examples from your experiences, your observation of others and /or your reading. The Media as an Agent in Socialization According to the reading, "Socialization and Culture" from the book "Interdisciplinary English" by Loretta F. Kasper, socialization is the process in which a child learns how to behave in life and participate in a group in society. Socialization has four basic agents: family, school, peers and the mass media. Each one of these agents plays a role in our lives. However, in my opinion, the most important agent of socialization for the development of the child is the mass media. The Mass Media are the different processes that facilitate communication between the sender of a message and the receiver of that message. ...read more.


These programs are very good because they change children's minds and make the children different from what they were before. However, there are also television programs that affect children negatively. For instance; on channel eleven, there is a very bad program that is bad for the children; it is called "Jerry Springer". This program should not be shown on TV because it has a lot of fights and vulgar language. "W.W.F" is another negative program, which has too much violence, and unfortunately children love it. Children should not see these kinds of programs because children tend to imitate the fighters. In addition, there are some movies that have a lot of violence and bad words and children love these kinds of movies. Children like and learn how to use knives, guns and explosives because they see it on TV. Sometimes children take the role of their superheroes in real life because they see their favorite actors using these weapons. ...read more.


They also love to play Playstation 2 games, but they like violent games such as "Vice City", "the Gateway", and "Wrestling, Shut your mouth" a lot. My sons worry me very much because in the future I don't want my sons becoming fighters or killers. But I am trying to prevent it by not allowing them to watch these unacceptable programs. I also constantly sit with my sons, and we talk about everything. We talk a little bit about girls, a little bit about drugs and smoking, a little bit about criminals and so on. As I mentioned before, television has positive and negative impacts on society. People get both because the television industry and the government don't control negative programs very well. Sometimes television presents some good programs, but they also show garbage like "Jerry Springer" and " W.W.F". I hope in the future, the government and the TV industry abolish these kinds of programs. ...read more.

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