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"The rights of children are being denied to them. They are neglected, exploited andabused". Discuss.

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"The rights of children are being denied to them. They are neglected, exploited and abused". Discuss. Childhood is a period where a child is pampered with a lot of care, attention and affection in a bid to support him in his physical, psychological and emotional development. It is characterized by innocence, ignorance, uniqueness and immaturity. According to the UNESCO, childhood covers the age group starting from 1 to 18 years. This huge and largely voiceless population of children has fallen through the cracks in the international human rights arena. In many countries, people have equated human rights to adult rights, failing to understand that this also embraces children's rights. The convention on the Rights of the Child which is the most widely ratified world-treaty; put children's rights on the world's agenda. Adopted by the United Nations general assembly on November 20, 1989, the convention promises children around the world, the right to life, liberty, education and health care. ...read more.


In short, they try to compensate for the lack of love and affection by fulfilling all the material desires of the children, i.e. giving them toys and other high-tech gadgets. With time, all these fake acts of 'love' will prove harmful for the children's growth and will remain as mere illusions or mirages of happiness to them. Child labour remains a serious problem in many parts of the world. Many of these children live in underdeveloped countries like Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Their living conditions are crude and their chances of education minimal. The meager income they bring home is necessary for the survival of their families. In other cases, children are bonded, working to pay off a debt taken by a member of the family. They workplace is often structured such that the escalating interest on the debt makes the children slaves to the employer. The international labour organization has estimated that 250 million of children between the ages of 5 and 14 work in developing countries - 61% of those in Asia, 32% in Africa and 7% in Latin America. ...read more.


The naivety and ignorance of the children facilitate the task of abductors - they are easily deceived with sweets and chocolates. Both boys and girls are coerced into sexual acts - they are made to masturbate, boys are sodomised and girls are raped. The effects of sexual abuse can e multi-fold and affect many areas of the survivor's psychological functioning. Victims of sexual abuse, due to lack of sexual maturity as they are still in course of sexual development, often require long-term psychotherapy to enable them to cope with the psychological and emotional damage caused by the offending behaviour of the abusers. The latter should be given capital punishment for such despicable acts. In the light of the above mentioned arguments, it can be concluded that it is high time for countries to review their laws and see to it that tour children grow according to their pace and are not mistreated by others. They are not the property of anybody- not even that of their parents. Thus, they should be given room for their personality to bloom. ...read more.

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