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The river was roaring past the children and their teacher, as the group of kids tried in vain to understand the teacher's inaudible mutterings.

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The river was roaring past the children and their teacher, as the group of kids tried in vain to understand the teacher's inaudible mutterings. Not one of them could understand or comprehend what the teacher was saying, and being the lively, uncontrollable brats that they were, they didn't care anyway. When the teacher stopped talking, he motioned for the children to follow him along the steep, mud-covered banks of the river. The children understood this and scuttled after him, along the dangerous route that he had selected for them. As the teacher and the mob of children following him drew further and further apart, a small group of children lagged behind. The teacher didn't seem to notice and strolled on, oblivious to the fact that three of children were no longer within shouting distance. He had enough on his hands making sure that the boisterous group of kids was under control. While the teacher was - for the umpteenth time - shouting incomprehensively at someone or other, the three children slipped off the path and walked down towards the slippery banks of the now lethal river. While three children crawled through the vast nettle bush that separated them from the river, the teacher and the other group of kids walked further and further away. ...read more.


Still, no-one realised that three of the children had disappeared. Everyone was having too much fun to notice, and the teacher was having enough problems arranging for someone to pick them up from school. At last, the rain stopped, and the teacher led the now subdued and tired children towards the bus that awaited them. The children had had enough of this outing; they were caked in mud, dripping with water, and they wanted to go home. As the children waited outside the bus, the teacher eventually decided to check that everybody was there. He counted the children off as they entered the bus, and sat down on the warm, dry seats that they had all been longing for. As the number of children inside the bus grew, and number outside became less, the teacher became aware that there were maybe some children missing. As the last child entered the bus he knew for sure that three children were absent. He alerted the driver, who immediately hurried outside, locking the bus doors, ordering the children to stay where they were. The two adults hurried back along the path that they had taken, calling out the names of the three children. ...read more.


As soon as he arrived there, he instructed the bus driver to return to the school and to deliver the children to their anxious parents. When they left, he immediately called an ambulance for the young child, and sat down waiting for the help to come. He covered the child with his jacket hoping to restore some life into him, but Chris was still inert and motionless. When the ambulance eventually came he informed the paramedics of what had happened and they helped the boy onto a stretcher and into the van, and gave the teacher a jacket, and told him to accompany the driver in the front. It was a short journey to the hospital, and when they got there the teacher was unaware of what was happening. They rushed the pair into an emergency ward and connected the child up to various tubes that would hopefully resuscitate him. The teacher however, was made to sit beside the bed, and ponder over the course of action which was to be taken. He thought with dread at the impending phone call that he would have to make to the boy's parents, informing them about their child's state and telling them that it was down to his lack of control that they may have lost their only child. The Telephone Call 1 ...read more.

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