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The roll of stress in the development of ulcers.

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2/10/02 The roll of stress in the development of ulcers Brady study (1958) * Brady linked high levels of stress to increased hormone production and the development of ulcers (Perforated ulcer). * Placed a monkey in a restraining chair and taught them to press a lever. * They had an electric shock every 20 seconds unless they pressed the lever within that time. * There were 2 levels of stress: * Physical stress - from getting the shock * Psychological stress - from having to press the lever * The experiment came to a halt when all his monkeys died, he found out they all died of ulcers and had high levels of gastro intestinal hormone * He had to test what gave the monkeys the ulcers * Next they used 2 monkeys in separated chairs * 1 ...read more.


Evaluation * Confirmed that ulcers were related to stress Weiner et al (1957) * He did a study on army recruits * He put them into 2 groups o Under secreting of digestive hormones o Over secreting of digestive hormones * After 4 months of intensive and stressful training, 14% of the over secretors had formed ulcers, non of the under secretors formed ulcers * Because not all of them got a ulcer, then individual differences must have an effect Criticisms: * The monkeys were not randomly selected as the executive monkey was selected because it was good at learning * Marshal et al proved Helicobacter caused stomach ulcers (he infected himself with this and got the stomach ulcers * The problem with this account of stress was that it ignores the fact that the stress response often depends somewhat on the type of stressor. ...read more.


The general adaptation syndrome Most of our emotional reactions have evolved because they are adaptive and functional in some way. It has been argued that stress has a range of negative effects, e.g. making people unwell. Why then do we continue to have a stressful reaction if it has harmful effects, surely this would suggest that the stress response is maladaptive rather then adaptive? Han Seyle (1950) quoted that the stress response is adaptive in the short-term because it helps us to cope with emotional distress, prolonged stress is very damaging. He studies first of all rats, and then patients in hospital with various injuries and illnesses and noticed they all seemed to show a similar patterns of bodily response. He called this pattern the general adaptation syndrome. ...read more.

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