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The three major things that differ experiments from the descriptive and correlational approaches.

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Psychology When dealing with experimental methods you systematically vary one or more factors in order to see what effects the changes have on behaviour. An experiment is often performed in a laboratory because it's easier to control the factors which one systematically wishes to vary. There are three major things that differs experiments from the descriptive and correlational approaches. 1. As mentioned above you manipulate one or more variables. 2. Whereas most experiments are done in a laboratory, descriptive and correlational research is done in a more natural area. 3. Descriptive and correlational researchers are not able to keep extraneous factors constant in the way that experimenters can. The main advantage is that you can draw conclusions. You can't do that in the other two methods. One disadvantage is the ethical problem. You can only do experiments that don't affect the subjects in a negative way. Consider the belief that alcohol is a sexual stimulant, and that a few drinks can lower sexual inhibitions and increase sexual attraction towards someone else. ...read more.


A pattern observed between two different variables is called a correlation. The correlational approach is commonly used in non-experimental studies, since finding patterns is one of the important ways of increasing our understanding of behaviour. When dealing with correlational research one must keep in mind that it involves measuring variables, not manipulating them. 1. The researcher measures one variable (X). 2. The researcher measures a second variable (Y) 3. The researcher statistically determines whether X and Y are related. The most important benefit is that correlational data allow us to make predictions. The major disadvantage of correlational research is that correlation does not demonstrate causation. You can draw any conclusions of your own. By using a measurement called a correlational coefficient, it is possible to show that there is a moderately strong relationship between the two variables. A correlation can either be negative or positive. When measuring the correlational coefficient, the values should be as close to 1.0 or -1.0 as possible. ...read more.


A second advantage is that a case study may challenge the validity of a theory or widely held scientific belief. The biggest advantage is that case studies can be a vibrant source of new ideas and hypothesis that may be examined using more controlled research methods. The most important limitation of a case study is that they are a poor method of determining cause-effect relations. Naturalistic observation is a research method which is based on observing behaviour in a natural setting, without interfering or attempting to control conditions. A survey is a technique for determining attitudes of many individuals by providing a pre-planned series of questions to which individuals respond. My personal opinion of these three methods is that I think the experimental method is the best. Then you can draw conclusions and you can find out the cause. In descriptive methods; surveys for example, then people might give the wrong answer so the result will not be 100% correct. Correlational research is also good in a way. Although you can't find out the cause, you can make predictions. ?? ?? ?? ?? Psychology Petter Killander Experimental, correlational, descriptive IB-1 ...read more.

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