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Theme of the novel Roll of Thunder

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English Literature Assignment The Bus Sabotage Incident Submitted By: Abdullah Kurtu Class: Senior 2 Date: 29th of January 2005 The bus sabotage incident is one of the acts which clearly reflect the major most theme of the novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Racism. We see how the black children are being cruelly treated and dealt with by the white children's school bus. This incident doesn't only show us racism on an individual or personal level but indirectly we also notice that racism on a national level is also being played. This is because if we notice that the black children are walking on foot to school while the white children go to school by bus. ...read more.


They go out to the road and dig a ditch with the help of shovels. Soon this ditch becomes filled with rain water. That afternoon, the bus falls into their trap. It gets stuck in the ditch which causes the breaking of its axle and water logging the engine. Its repairing would take weeks. The bus driver tells the white children, " All y'all gonna be walkin' for at least two weeks by the time we get this thing hauled outa here and up to strawberry to get fixed". Chapter 3 pg. 55 Knowing this, the children get happy that their plan worked out as they wanted. When they reach home that day, they tell Mama and Big Ma about this incident, not telling them that they were the ones behind it. ...read more.


Later, T.J tells them that they tarred and feathered a black man because he was accusing a white man who owned a mercantile in Strawberry, of cheating him. This incident tells us a lot about eh Logan children's characters. Little Man gets angry quickly and especially when it comes to cleanliness. That is why he was the most annoyed of this bus. Stacey who is the eldest is shown to us as a smart and clever boy who is ready to break the rules in order to take revenge for his rights. This incident tells us about the children in general that they all loved each other and were united in everything. It's true that this incident ended up for their side but it is to be noted that the latter incidents don't! ...read more.

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