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This essay is a comparison of how dreams are used in "Billy Liar", the play and the film, and the film "Brazil".

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Drama Essay Comparison between "Billy Liar and "Brazil" This essay is a comparison of how dreams are used in "Billy Liar", the play and the film, and the film "Brazil". "Billy Liar" is set in around the late 1950's and early 1960's, so a safe bet would be 1959 or 1960, in north England. However, "Brazil", despite its title, is not set in Brazil, but set quite far in the future. I guess around 100-200 years, as there aren't many of the classic science-fiction features of the future, such as hover-cars, space travel, etc. The most noticeable difference in the two settings, is the large time gap, in which the societies have changed greatly. The only similarity in the setting of the two films is the fact that they both seem to be set in a society where the main character isn't in full control of his life, and he has superiors above him. ...read more.


For Example, if he is dreaming about being a general in his army, he may march across the room, etc. However, in the film, we see his dreams shown in a different way. There is normally a cut scene, and Billy and other characters would be in completely different costume, indicating a major change. The audience will actually be shown Billy's dream visually shown to us. Sam Lowry, in "Brazil", has one major dream which follows different story changes throughout the film. It starts with him being able to fly, and he searches the sky looking for his dream girl, who is dressed in all white, and, I believe, is meant to symbolise some sort of angel he needs to rescues as it takes place high up in the clouds. ...read more.


Both of the characters take refuge in their dreams and use it as an escape from reality which they find so hard to cope with. What makes the 2 characters different, is the fact that Billy can tell that they are only dreams, whilst Sam loses all control and his reality and dream world, become one giant mess. In the end of "Billy Liar", Billy has the choice between his dream world, and going away, to London, with Liz. Billy chooses his dream world, as for him it is much safer, easier and more comfortable. This is quite similar to the ending of "Brazil", but for one exception. Lowry ends up in his dream world, like Billy, but he has no choice as his dreams turn to nightmares, and the dreams cross-over with reality so much, that he can't tell what is real and what is fantasy. ...read more.

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