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To record the gross motor skills of Ben using a simple check list. I pay particular attention to the physical tasks, which he can complete.

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Observation 2: Gross motor skills - checklist. 6th June 2002 11:30 - 12:30 3rd session - choosing Aim To record the gross motor skills of Ben using a simple check list. I pay particular attention to the physical tasks, which he can complete Setting The primary school, in which I am working, is situated on a campus with a sports centre; a community school and a 6th form college. It has 6 junior classes and 3 infant classes. There is a class room assistant and a teacher for each class. On a Thursday and a Friday there are 2 students working in the infants. There are a various number of parent helpers in on different days of the week. In Mrs K's class there are 7 year 2 girls, 5 year 2 boys and 16 year 1's. Ben is in year 1 and is 7 years 1 month old. I will take Ben and Jake out into the hall during today's choosing session. I thought it would make Ben feel more relaxed if he wasn't pin pointed as a target. Observation I will make notes during my observation, then copy it up into a written report, using a checklist to display my results Task Yes No Comments Run in a straight line showing I asked Ben and Jake to balance and control. ...read more.


I also asked them to play a simple game of 'It'. I noticed the children could play together with each other displaying feelings of competitiveness and a general display of tact within the game. I.e. when Ben was it he kept doubling back on him self to try and catch Jake out. He used different techniques to see if he could get Jake, he did eventually. Both boys can work with a great deal of co-ordination, although Ben is not developed to his full potential. He had trouble aiming objects that he threw, and had trouble balancing himself. Although he had a little trouble he did manage to complete most of the tasks after he had a few goes. Ben could describe his feelings well, using explanations and adjective to get his point across. Katherine Diltion identifies that children that are 7 years old should be able to explore and express ideas their movements, form and space experiment. They should be able to use a variety of materials, tools and techniques comment on differences in others' work. To help stimulate them you need to use and suggest ways of improving their own work. ...read more.


It is important to get the age and stage right for the children you are working with, activities that are too hard will be discouraging and the child will feel as it is failing. Children can learn from new activities and experiences that are interesting and a little bit challenging. Learning for me Both boys had different view on things and even though they have different views they get along well. Jake and Ben are close friends even though they rarely dis-agree on things. They figure out compromises so that they both get what they want. The teachers and other staff practice anti-discriminatory and anti-bias practice. It is important to portray equal opportunities. Children are to be treated equally but at the same time their personal needs need to be taken into consideration. Ben and Jake work well together to form a team. They can contribute ideas and fit them together to get the best possible out come for the both of them. I learnt to set up and clear away activities with the children's help how to encourage exploration of colour and creativity. I managed to gain the children's confidence and by helping them to reach their full potential. Evaluation I feel I achivied my aim by observing and recording the gross motor skills of both ben and jake. ...read more.

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