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To what extent do parental characteristics influence the effect of day care on their children?

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To what extent do parental characteristics influence the effect of day care on their children? I would generally agree with the view that parental characteristics highly affect how the environment of their child's day care would be; indeed this will influence the social learning of the child. If a decision was made for the child to attend day care regularly, this obviously would be made by one, or both, of the primary caregivers/ parents. Therefore, it is their choice into which establishment their child will attend to. This extremely depends on the characteristics and lifestyles of the family unit, thus affecting the child's wellbeing in day care. The environment in which the child is raised in vastly affects how they view, and are viewed, later on in life. ...read more.


Higher standards of day care obtain high health and safety requirements, responsive and warm interactions between children and staff, developmentally appropriate curriculum and adequate staff training. While poor quality care puts children's development at risk: they're likely to obtain lower language and cognitive scores, and lag on social development. Different quality day cares are chosen by parents who are correlated with different circumstances. For instance, single working mothers or low incomes are more likely to experience low quality care. Yet, according to the views of Scarr (1998), we cannot be sure whether it's the quality of day care or the parental characteristics which influence children's development. However, it is the parental characteristics which affect the quality of day care. ...read more.


What I mean by time is that, they get involved in the child's day care, such as PTA, fundraising and volunteering. This would not be present in lower class families, as they are much more preoccupied with work, rather than spending more time with their child, which they keep in day care. In conclusion, I would agree parental characteristics highly affect the quality of a child's day care, and the child's life itself. Since it has been stated that child's attachment will highly affect how they will be attached later on in life, day care also inspires and implies this. Day care provides further attachments to be formed; therefore a child's social life would have more security and stability. Thus, choosing the wrong day care provides less of this comfort, and less of a child's desirability to learn efficiently. ...read more.

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