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To what extent should the government try to help single parents with younger children find good paid work opportunities while the child is young or starting education?

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In this Study I will discuss the issues relating to single parents trying to find work and what the government can do to help single parents find work during or before their child/ren start education. I will be investigating theses issues as they relate to the UK in the last 10 years. Week W/ending Work Completed Nature of Work/preparation 1 13-12-02 Choosing topic and relate to specific themes Discussed themes on class, listed possible topics starting index and choosing more focused topics. 2 20-12-02 Confirmation of topic of study formulation of title question. Discussion drafting of title 3 10-1-03 Some general research for topic Research 4 17-1-03 Found an article and some statistics which may help with study Research 5 24-1-03 Found two articles finished sub-questions, work programmes Research 6 31-1-03 Found two more articles, concentrate on one sub question. Research 7 7-2-03 Finish 1st sub-question Drafts 8 14-2-03 Finish 2nd sub-question and find more info Drafts 9 19-2-03 Finish 3rd and 4th sub-question Draft 10 28-2-03 Finish 5th sub-question and add graphs and stats Draft 11 7-3-03 Prepare interview and add stats Interview 12 14-3-03 Update bibliography and definitions Extra work 13 28:4-4-03 Finish off summary and type up coursework. Extra work In the year 2000, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, launched a partnership between Whitehall and business to provide jobs for lone parents as the government intended to help families in the budget the following year. The conservatives had planned to scrap Labour's tax breaks for the working poor in favour of a married couple's allowance. Gordan Brown had intended to make enormous plans for extra money, additional childcare places and more flexible jobs to raise the proportion of lone parents to work. Gordon brown said 'We want to see a sae change in the opportunities available to lone parents,' He intended to say this in Bristol at the launch of the treasury's pre-budget report consultation period, which will lead to extra assistance for poorer families in next Springs's budget. ...read more.


It does take a long time to get used to being on your own and being able to cope with children on your own'. Lone parents were also deterred from work by their own lack of confidence, and what they saw as discrimination against them by employers. For example a parent called sally, a separated mother of two said; "I hadn't got the confidence. I hadn't worked for 7 years and these were all new skills. I was going into a totally new environment. I'd never been in a office before, I didn't know what they were like". Others said that they were turned down by employers wary of taking on staff without partners to share caring responsibilities. A typical full-time nursery place for a two year old now costs over �110 a week- more than �5,700 a year. When the last survey was carried out in 1997, a typical nursery place cost �80 per week. The increase means that childcare accounts for a bigger share of the family income than housing or food. In London and the southeast the situation is worse, with the cost of a typical nursery place now �135 a week (over �7000 a year). In some areas, it's much worse. Findings made by the Day care trust out those parents on lower incomes can't afford the cost of typical nursery place, which now exceeds the childcare tax credit ceiling of �70.00 per week. Costs for a childminder, for many parents the more flexible and affordable option, are also out of range. To look after a two year old, childminders charge, on average, almost �90 a week-still over �4,500 a year. Regional cost for childcare in England, 2001: Typical weekly costs for a two year old in full-time childcare places: "New deal" for lone parents can help you find a job or suitable training to bring your skills up to date. ...read more.


Louise has older children now from 8-12 but when they were younger, she found it difficult to look after her children alone without accessing paid work. "I didn't want to be on benefits for the rest of my life and I didn't feel that benefits gave me enough money to support my family while my children were young. I didn't want to depend on benefits. I wanted to make my family and I future financially better off by bring my own income. After the kids had all started in full- time education, I was able to get training to work at a bank because I have always wanted to and now I work at a bank I'm financially better off bring in my own salary and I am much happier and the children are also happy!" From theses findings from interviews, I have concluded that, 3 of the 3 parents I interviewed finds work a better solution than benefits because they want to be financially better off. 2 out of the 3 parents of the single parents found that the organisations do their best already to help parents access paid work and childcare but still think that the organisations can do more things. 1 out of the 3 parents found that training helped them get on track back to work, which was funded by the government. All parents found that the cost of childcare was a big problem to them while working or thinking about working. 1. Abstract 2. Definitions 3-4. What is the government doing to help single parents access paid work already? 5. How easy is it for single parents to get adequate childcare? And what are the financial implications? 6. What organisations are helping lone parents? 7-8. Do a majority of parents or should a majority of parents immediately find work after their child starts school at the age of 5 or between 0-5? 9. How have the numbers of single parents changed in the last 10 years? And the number of working parents changed? 10-11. Graphs and charts for statistics 12. Summary 13. Appendix-informal interview 14. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Developmental Psychology section.

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