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Trip to Cambodia

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Trip to Cambodia Sara Sze F.5F Cambodia, a country of landmines, a country severely affected by the civil war in the past decade. There is 36% of the whole population living under the poverty line, which means earning less than USD$1 per day. We, thirty chosen Young Envoys 2005 of Unicef went to Cambodia for six days in July this summer. We were on a mission to know more about Cambodia. It was a fruitful trip; we went to 13 organizations there in order to look into the real situation there. On the second day of our visit, we went to the place where the street children live. It was an abandoned place; there was a pond filled with dirty water and surrounded by trees and weeds. The children there aged from 5-20, however, they don't look like their age, they look much younger. It's probably because of the long-term malnutrition. ...read more.


The HIV/AIDS problem in Cambodia is also a severe problem, 1.9% of the people were infected by it, and it's the highest among Asia. The youth unite together; use their power to spread the news of preventing HIV/AIDS. They underwent training, and use their knowledge to educate their friends in school, this is called peer education. We had a nice time there; we played games and sang songs. Cambodians are all nice people; they know how to make people happy. The following day, we went to visit the Health Centre and the Rehabilitation Centre. The equipment there was simple. The Rehabilitation Centre provides free service to the disabilities, including making prosthetics, and the treatment cost. It helps the landmine victims and the children with diseases. We went to the Pre-school and the Primary School the other day. The pre-school is in the village, it is primitive, and the children were having lesson in an open area with the bright sun shining above of them. ...read more.


It was shocking; I experienced how destructive the mines are. Every country should sign the treaty of not using landmines anymore! The last day of our visit, we went to FRIENDS, the vocational training centre in Cambodia. It provides training for youth on different areas like hair-styling, cooking, mechanics etc. It is useful for the youth there to get a job with the techniques learnt there. In the afternoon, we went to the Royal Palace; it was quite a majestical place. In these six days, I have visited so many organizations in Cambodia. I knew a lot more about Cambodia. Compare to the Cambodians, I am so fortunate. I should have treasured what I already have, but not demanding for more. The Chinese proverb: Happy will be the ones who always feels content is very true! To know more about Unicef, please visit the web site: www.unicef.org.hk .For those who are interested in joining this programme in the coming year, you may look for more information on Unicef official web site, and also listen to the school announcement in November. ...read more.

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