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Uation of the interpretation "Evacuation was a great success".

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GCSE Coursework - History Evaluation of the interpretation "Evacuation was a great success" Source A is a picture of all the happy school children all lining up to be evacuated. Now this is not a reliable source when trying to prove if evacuation was a success or not. This is due to the fact that during the war the government had emergency powers. This gave them power all over the newspapers. So this meant that the newspapers posted propaganda about how successful the evacuation was. In the picture, there are all smiling faces, and no signs of a resistance. It almost looks like the kids want to be evacuated. This photo has been used to give an overall positive impression of the evacuation. Now in the picture, the kids look happy, but in reality there was a lot of resistance against evacuation. ...read more.


This shows that they weren't really pleased about leaving their homes and families to live with complete strangers. This could also not be reliable because it could be over exaggerated. Source C is an extract from a novel about evacuees. Now before we analyse this we have to take into consideration that this was written for the younger audience. So facts could have been altered to make the story more interesting. First of all, we can rely on this source too highly as it is a fiction piece, which is made up. And also it will not be too graphic as it is intended for the children. Secondly it was written in 1973, nowhere near the time of the war. Source D is an appeal for more people in Scotland to provide homes for evacuee children. ...read more.


And during the text, you can see that he was reluctant to evacuate his child, and kept him with him in the end. As you can see from the way he speaks, he has a lack of knowledge and therefore is scared of the unknown; he has no concept of what it would be like to live in the shires. You can tell that he knows if the kid goes away, he knows that the dad dies, and the kid will come back to no family what so ever. This is a useful source because it gives us an idea of what the parents thought about the evacuation. I agree with the fact that the evacuation was a success. It kept the children safe, but the Evacuation failed in keeping the children mentally safe. Most parents who preferred to keep their children with them instinctively realised what was not known: That sending off young children could have serious repercussions. ...read more.

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