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UNIT 3 ASSIGNMENT - Foundation to Caring

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UNIT 3 ASSIGNMENT - Foundation to Caring The task I have been set is to produce a booklet for a child care and education student, it is to explain how a setting can provide a positive environment for children. By creating this file I will learn myself, a lot about how settings can create a positive and stimulating environment for children The setting I will be focusing on is a school nursery in a seaside town. The building is a large Georgian house and the nursery is situated on the ground floor. To provide a positive environment in the nursery, the daily routines are planned, so it suites the children's needs, and the activities carried out are done with best interest for the children's learning and development. The staff work as a team and ensure that there is a high standard of hygiene and safety by cleaning all tables before and after being used, they also clean everything that the children come into contact with regularly. The staff also maintains a happy, relaxed atmosphere and parents are made to feel welcome, they are invited in when bringing their children to and from the nursery and they are told about what their children have been doing at nursery. ...read more.


Children love to explore, so staff in the setting try their best to make everywhere the children can get to, as safe as possible to avoid accidents. Most importantly responsible adults constantly supervise the children. Each child in the setting has their own individual needs, but all of them have the same basic physical and health needs. For example every child needs fresh air and appropriate facilities for toileting and washing hands, the children are never told not to go to the toilet and windows are frequently opened during a day for fresh air. Some children get tired quicker than others do so in the setting there is an area where there are soft mats and blankets, where the children go to be quiet or sleep. Children need space to move around so they can develop their gross and fine motor skills, in the setting there is a lot of space between tables and there is a large outdoor play area. Children should be allowed water whenever they want it; a jug of water is kept full in every room in the setting. It is important to provide children with a balanced diet because it gives them all the nutrients they need to keep them growing at the right speed. ...read more.


The adults promote the children's imagination and further their play in order to work towards their objectives. The equipment and environment must be kept to an acceptable standard of cleanliness and tidiness; this is another responsibility of the adult. The adults also ensure that every child has access to all of the facilities in the setting, regardless of race, gender or any factor that makes them a minority. The staff in the setting work as a team, it is important to work as a team because everything runs more smoothly if the staff work together. Teamwork is good because each person has strengths and weaknesses that will be balanced out by others', also staff can support and even criticise to help each other. Working becomes more consistent working as a team, instead of different ways coming into practice, which could confused children and even parents. Often the best solution is found when working as a team, because everyone has had input. Some settings work within a "multi-disciplinary team, with representatives from a number of other professional groups." (BABIES AND YOUNG CHILDREN PG 59) An advantage of working within a multi-disciplinary team is that different professionals can help to provide a good pathway for children to work along to achieve their best, and fulfil their potential. ...read more.

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