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Using examples from item 2 and information from elsewhere, explain why sociologists regard childhood as being socially constructed

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Using examples from item 2 and information from elsewhere, explain why sociologists regard childhood as being socially constructed Sociologists believe that children are not natural in society, that they do not behave naturally but that society has made children act as they do, and that there parents teach them how to act and make their personality for them at an early age. However childhood 'differs enormously according to time and place' so Philippe Aries believes. Children are treated differently to each other in different parts of the world, for example in India when a girl is 16-17 years old she is forced into an arranged marriage by which her parents arrange. That type of responsibility on a girl of that age is a lot, and most Indian girls refuse and end up running away from home or worse still killing themselves, but in their culture at that age they are seen as adults. Also in China girls are made to bind there feet up at an early age so that there feet do not grow any bigger. Some people may see this as a form of child abuse, but in China, that is what is expected of them. So there are quite a lot of differences in the upbringing of children. ...read more.


It is mainly in Greece where this happens. The reason why disabled babies are disowned is because they don't want anyone to know that they have a disabled person in their family because they believe that their family wouldn't be normal if they kept the disabled baby, and also that it wouldn't be fair on their other children because then they may not be able to marry if anyone found out they had a disable gene in the family, so it is all about family status. So the family send them to an institute at an early age and leave them there and do not visit them or anything. In these institutes they are made to stay in their beds and in some cases are tied to their beds. In these institutions there is no stimulation for the children, like children are supposed to have, so most of the children are not able to speak properly or walk properly because of the fact that they have been deprived of any sort of stimulation. They are kept in these institutes from the early age of when they were sent in there until they die basically. So this is not natural construction of children. ...read more.


They are lacking on education to a certain extent as well because the children are made to travel long distances for singing lessons and dance lessons and to travel to beauty pageants and talent contests. When they are not doing this children are forced to practise their dance routines and what they are going to do and what they are going to sing on stage. Some children have even been made wooden catwalks in their bedrooms so that they can practise properly. All this is bringing out paedophilia and it teaches girls to be precautious because of the way they are being made to dress sexily at such an early age. Also it encourages stripping at an early age. In one of the routines that the young children have to do is they have to take of layers of their clothes in a sexy and perfectly timed manor to show off what they are wearing underneath. This shouldn't be forced upon young children because they will grow up with attitude problems all because the parents expecting too much from them. This idea of 'painted babies' is an obsessive way in which parents put pressure and abuse on their children. The way that they get the children to dress and look isn't natural for them at all, and this is a final example of how childhood is gradually disappearing in society today. Cathy Jones Sociology-Family essay ...read more.

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