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Vaccination against infectious diseases should be made compulsory for all children. Discuss.

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Vaccination against infectious diseases should be made compulsory for all children. Discuss. Vaccines are one of the most controversial topics in modern medicine and will continue to attract more attention in the years ahead. Most new parents dutifully take their babies to their doctor to be vaccinated, at the prescribed times. However, over the last few decades, there have been several scares concerning vaccinations, and the possible side effects of them. Some parents have refused to have their child vaccinated because of some of these scares, and the truth is, they have been blown out of proportion by the press and it can be very confusing for the general public. In order to balance this extraordinary influence, parents will need to make a well informed decision about vaccines for their children. It is, of course, very important that before anybody embarks on a course of vaccinations, they should know both the benefits and the risks associated with them. Therefore, in order to begin thinking about whether vaccinations should be compulsory for all children, there are some issues to be addressed. ...read more.


scare involving bowel disease and autism. But the current low uptake of the MMR vaccine in the UK has led to well publicised concerns about potential measles outbreaks, especially among primary school entrants. No parents can have missed the worrying headlines about the MMR over the past few years; however the press can be very misleading. Further research has shown that there is no link between the MMR and autism or bowel disease, and this is agreed on by the World Health organisation. It is true that there are some temporary side effects of the MMR, such as a measles like rash in same cases. This is because the measles part of the vaccine is beginning to work. In very rare situations, (about 1 in 100000 immunisations for MMR) Children may suffer severe allergic reactions but if the child is treated quickly, he or she will recover fully. The fact is, stories in the press or on TV have made the scare far worse than it should have been, and also made it very confusing for everyone. ...read more.


- No link between the timing of MMR and the onset of autism In general, children today are a lot healthier, and vaccinations play an important role in keeping them immune from all the terrible diseases that could harm them, and since the vaccines have been introduced, there have been lower death rates in children. There may be some side effects to some of the vaccinations, but it is not worth risking not vaccinating them. It is unsafe to assume that herd immunity will wipe out the risk of catching the disease as so many parents today are not having their child vaccinated. I feel that it is a good idea that under most circumstances, vaccination against infectious diseases should be made compulsory for all children. In a situation when a child is more likely to react very badly to a particular vaccine, alternative methods could be used. But I feel it important that children of today are all immunised so that, in the future, hopefully, such diseases would not be a threat to the children of tomorrow. Michelle Cheung Skills I & J January 2004 British Medical Journal Infant Vaccinations, A biological assault? - www.healthwell.com Department of health website doh.gov.uk Dr. Alan Cheung Guardian newspaper ...read more.

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