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What Impression of Childhood Does Dennis Potter convey in the Audience in the play "Blue Remembered Hills"?

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What Impression of Childhood Does Dennis Potter convey in the Audience in the play "Blue Remembered Hills"? 'Blue Remembered Hills' was written in 1984 by Dennis Potter. The play, however, is set during the Second World War and the action takes place over a summer afternoon. Two key things to bear in mind when studying the play are that it was originally written for television and the seven year old characters are always played by adults. The play helps remind the audience that childhood is not always as much fun as we like to remember. Many critics have suggested there are striking parallels between Potters' experiences as a child and the events of the play. The play "Blue Remembered Hills" is entirely about children, no adults are ever present throughout the play. This might be because it shows how children act in the absence of adults. Without the attendance of adults in the play the children have nobody to obey so they have the freedom to do as they please. ...read more.


are played by adults. Adults' playing the role of children affects the audience because it shows that children so young aren't able to cope with acting in such a way. In the play the children generally organise themselves into groups; Boys vs. Girls or in another special rank. Also the children are very quick to take sides when the group has an argument, 'You're counting two quick, 12...13...14...15' showing that children are very open minded and always say what they think without worrying about any consequences. Potter reminds us of how competitive children are, especially boys. In order to emphasise their competitive instincts Potter has the boys ranked in order, 'I'm number two after Wallace - and don't you forget it.' Giving the characters such a rigid measurement of their status Potter implies that it is a key guiding factor in the character's childhood and influences their behaviour considerably. The play is based near a prisoner-of-war camp which has an effect on the children; they are always aware of the prisoners and occasionally pretend that there has been an escape and that the prisoners are coming after them. ...read more.


This shows how children have less experience of the way the World can change. The children play similarly to how I played with my friends when I was younger; chasing animals until they escaped or killing them without feeling guilty, fighting over meaningless matters but ranking ourselves on the outcome and doing anything we could think of to amuse ourselves. In 'Blue Remembered Hills' the children are always full of energy and nearly always smiling and nearly always on some sort of adventure such as when John and Peter go out to see if the coast is clear from escaped prisoners, 'shall us John, go together, numbers two 'n' three?' showing that, even though the two boys had just had a fight, they had made up and willing to do things together again. 'Blue Remembered Hills' was set in Forest of Dean which is where Potter spent his childhood. Possibly Potter wrote the World War Two play based on his childhood and he displayed what happened in his childhood in the play. James Rocke 1 ...read more.

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