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What is child abuse? Child abuse is the act of harming a child physically, emotional, and sexual or putting a child at risk of harm can be considered as child abuse.

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Child Abuse Abstract Child abuse is a type of violence that could leave a child physically and emotional scarred for life. The definition of child abuse is anything that can put the child at harm or puts them at risk of being harmed. It does not have to occur in one type of environment but it can also take place in many other kinds such as living with a single parent or economic background (Feldman 331) . There are four different types of child abuse, which are physical, emotional, neglect, and sexual abuse. In order to know for sure, if a child has been abused there is certain warning signs that one must look for before assuming. Child abuse is 100 percent preventable by taking the right measures that are needed. If someone knows a child that is being abused by a parent or caregiver, it is very important that the child gets immediate treatment right away. The statistics on given on child abuse is outrageous. Child Abuse What is child abuse? Child abuse is the act of harming a child physically, emotional, and sexual or putting a child at risk of harm can be considered as child abuse. ...read more.


Both boys and girls suffer from sexual abuse not just girls (Segal 2012). All of the shame and guilt of sexual abuse can lead to self-loathing and sexual problems as the children get older. Sexual abuse is very hard for the child to talk about it because they are afraid that people will not believe them or that they will be angry with them (Segal 2012). Words hurt more than actions do is a deep saying. Especially to children this saying is true. Emotional child abuse is very serious and can leave lifelong psychological scars along with severely damaging a child's mental health or social development (Segal 2012). Emotional child abuse is when a parent or a caregiver tells the child that there not good enough, or not worth it. They don't give the child the love they need. A parent or a caregiver that gives the emotional abuse will call the child names and make negative comparisons to others (Segal 2012). They give the child limited amounts of affection such as no hugging and kissing. The abuser can also abuse a parent, a sibling, or even a pet in front of a child (Segal 2012). ...read more.


Some positive things that can be done to help prevent child abuse is to get involved ask local leaders, clergy, the library and schools to create services to meet the needs of healthy children and families. People can also promote programs in school. Another important thing to do is to report the suspected abuse or neglect (Prevent Child Abuse America 1972). There are treatments for children that have been abused. The first treatment one can give to any child that has been abused is to provide them with a safe environment to prevent further harm. Life- threating conditions such as the shaken baby syndrome will be treated in a hospital (Prevent Child Abuse America 1972). The other less severe injuries are treated on an outpatient basis with scheduled follow ups. Children that have been victims of abuse and neglect are recommended to go into counseling (Mason 2012 ). Play therapy is then giving to the child, which is allowing children that are emotionally disturbed to express their feelings through play (Mosby's Medical Dictionary 2009). Conclusion In conclusion, child abuse is something that should be taken very seriously. These child abuse children will eventually become adults with life-long scarring. ...read more.

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